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College athletes need these 5 Keys to Thrive this summer:

1. Proximity

Proximity Principle states that whoever you are in close proximity too, you will become more like them, build the habits they have, and get the results they get.​

Get around other humble, hungry, competitive, ambitious leaders this summer and become like them.

​2. Mindset Built Back Up and Stronger than Ever

Between getting beat down by coaches, a TOUGH year with COVID protocols, things not going as planned, ​or ​simply wanting or desiring a breakthrough, college students need ​mindset strengthening ​every summer. Someone who has mindset coaching training and can speak LIFE and belief back into you.

​3. Accountability to a Plan

"I want to show up in the fall so much stronger and faster! But I don't

have a customized plan..." This unfortunately will not work.

​​Summer workout packets are a great thing if you are looking for a generic program and incremental improvement.

If you want exponential progress, ​as with anything else, a plan customized to ​meet and exceed you and your needs is king.

4. Refocus, Reflection, and Recovery

​​This should be first. Reflect on what happened last year, last season. Reflection is the injection that leads to progression.

And of course, recover! Your body is likely ​already ​beat up, which means we need to get you back to baseline first before piling intense cutting and weights and such on top of you. Recover immediately upon returning this summer, and keep a focus there. If you don't like doing this on your own, you need #3 big time ^^

​5. Challenge

​​Physical performance enhancement is forged through the path of challenge and discomfort. There is no alternate route, you must work hard. The harder you train, the more you separate yourself.

Your training has to ​make sense ​for you and your sport (getting crushed during every workout for the sake of getting crushed is irresponsible and ineffective).

If you do not like to push yourself that hard, do not feel bad. That is why we are here!

​The 2021 College Athlete Summer THRIVE Program begins June 1! Click this link to apply.​

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

College Thrive Program Director

P.S. Is your student-athlete in middle or high school? We focus on building these 5 things into kids at a young age so they are fully prepared for college when it comes around. You can go here to learn more--> PFP Middle and High School Training Program

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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