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Our Mission

PFP’s mission is to provide a love-powered coaching experience that creates results, deep-rooted relationships, and generational transformation.


Our Story

Andrew Simpson, Founder of Player’s Fitness & Performance (PFP), fell in love with fitness while in college. He discovered that by transforming his own energy, athleticism, and mindset, he was able to change his life for the better and knew he needed to help others do the same.

In 2013, Andrew established PFP and began a lifelong mission to ignite change and raise the bar for leadership in gyms and youth sports across the country. Over the past decade, Andrew and his team have coached more than 1,000 student-athletes and adults to become more confident and reach their full potential.

The Lightning Bolt

Why a lightning bolt? Lightning is a universal symbol for energy. But, more than that, it is an agent of transformational change. Lightning often heralds a dramatic change in weather and temperature. It is not subtle, it is not lukewarm, and it is not ambiguous. Lightning is fast, it is strong, and it is definitive.

The change lightning creates represents both the physical and mental change that takes place in the PFP program. There will be a distinct and noticeable transformation in the lives of those who train at PFP.

In addition, although less obvious and not stated, lightning is deeply rooted with the presence of God. Lightning was present on the mountain when God spoke to Moses and it appears in the Gospel descriptions of Jesus’s second coming. It wonderfully symbolizes God’s swift power, majestic presence, and sovereignty over all His creation. PFP is the agent of change, but we answer to a higher power.

More Than Just a Gym

Most gyms, club sports, and private instructors only focus on the fundamentals with maybe a little weight training and injury prevention thrown in for good measure.

PFP goes beyond the basics by focusing on helping our youth and adult clients improve their mindset, both on and off the field. Our goal is to help our clients become the best people and athletes they can be without sacrificing mental or emotional health, relationships, or physical well-being along the way.

At PFP, we believe…

  • Every student-athlete deserves a mentor
  • When character development is the focus, “winning” is the outcome
  • There are no quick fixes and fitness should be FUN
  • The gym should be a safe space where everyone feels welcome
  • Everyone needs community, accountability, and a strong WHY to be successful

Our team of talented coaches and mentors care deeply, serve their athletes, and challenge them to grow.

Meet the Team

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The Leadership Playbook for Sports Coaches & Parents

Written by Andrew Simpson, Founder of PFP, The Youth Truth describes the two most powerful philosophies that our coaches have followed to help more than 150 athletes enter into college sports and thousands more students overcome fear, self-doubt, and other mental blocks keeping them from being the best version of themselves.

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Want to become faster but don’t have the right plan? PFP created the proven 5x5x5 Speed Training Plan to help young athletes become faster and more explosive!

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