No more doing it alone. We provide next level accountability & off-day support.

Over 200 convenient class options for kids & adults to help with your crazy schedule!

No more lacking confidence, fearing failure, injuries, or mistakes.

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 New Location! 1664 Bowmans Farm Road, Suite 104 

 Frederick, MD 21701 

"PFP is high energy but they customize the experience to every person, every personality type. EVERYONE feels special, like an individual."

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6 Week Winter Sport Prep Program here! 

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Want to get faster but have no accountability and no plan?

We've created the 5x5x5 Plan for your child This is a proven speed training formula that helps athletes get faster without having to think about what to do!

We believe that each person is unique and deserving of a customized plan and experience that makes them feel special and helps them get results

Kids 7-11 yrs old

Middle & High Schoolers


College Athletes!

No Contracts. We offer 200+ class times to meet your busy schedule


Call 240-341-2921 or click here to speak to a team member and learn if PFP is right for you.


Book your Success Session. A 1 hour 1:1 training session with a coach to get you/your athlete comfortable, acclimated & motivated. We'll get to know you & you'll get to know us! 


We will help guide you to the training program that's right for you. We promise it will be fun AND transformational!


What Our Guests Are Saying...

“The positive impact you have on the lives of these young people simply cannot be measured. You've made a transformation in our daughter's life that will last forever.” - Chuck B., Parent of a PFP Athlete

"The PFP coaches have taught me to push myself, to get out of my head and not be afraid to try new things.  That it is ok to be uncomfortable. I know that my hard work has increased my strength and really helped me to run, but I never realized the mental block I had before, the coaches work hard on helping me remove that as well." - Kristen W., PFP Adult Client

"Aidan is now believing he can reach whatever goal he sets. The positive atmosphere at PFP has driven him to work harder and believe in his abilities even after a time of failure. He has gone from the bottom of the line up to the #2 hitter. Aidan’s confidence on the field has completely changed. He also is able to accept failures much better throughout the season". - Steve M., Parent of PFP Athlete

Rachel Roupe, Our PFP Athlete of the Month

We help kids gain confidence, increase performance, stay on the right path, and become leaders

The Youth Truth is a book written by the Founder of PFP, Andrew Simpson. It is all about how to solve the problems in youth sports today and champion-minded athletes who are healthy, motivated, high-performers.