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lose weight, build muscle, feel better!

We help men and women who have tried a lot of different workout and diet plans, but haven't stuck with them because they were missing individualization, accountability, and true encouragement.


You'll Feel Comfortable and Confident With Our Individualized Workout Plans

Forget the big box gym and receive customized workouts with personal training or in a group setting to achieve results and maximize your investment.

An Evidence Based, Proven Success Plan that Starts with Identifying "Your Why"

No more guesswork or trendy workouts. With PFP, you’ll follow a proven plan that produces results and builds your confidence!

True Accountability where a Coach Actually Follows Up and Helps You Stay On Track!

Lacking commitment and follow-through? Connect with coaches that keep your fitness goals at the forefront and receive the accountability you need, even on your off days.

The Most Positive, Loving, Supportive Community

Say goodbye to cold, impersonal classes and be surrounded by a loving, positive community of people who continually support you and your fitness goals!

Choose from 3 Fitness Training Options

Personal Training

  • 1-on-1 Attention
  • Completely Custom Fitness Experience
  • Flexible Schedule & Format

Customized Small Group Training

  • Individualized Small Group Experience
  • Save with Group Pricing
  • Supportive Community

Group Training

  • Personalized Bootcamp Experience
  • Save with Group Pricing
  • Whole-Body Workouts
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Before PFP, I lacked confidence and would get pushed around on the lacrosse field. 

The strength I've built has allowed me to become a dominant force and I am now consistently one of the fastest on the field!

Skylar Walters, Athlete

I’ve lost 30 lbs, I am off blood pressure medication, and my confidence has never been higher. 

I used to sit on the sidelines when my kids did activities on vacation, but now I am joining them and running circles around them!

Kira Froude, Adult Warrior

I’ve become a much more positive person overall!

I’ve lost over 30 lbs, I have decreased body fat drastically, and thanks to my new strength, I no longer have to wear a knee brace.

Amanda Brown, Adult Warrior

Before PFP,  I was the heaviest I had ever been.

I was on high-blood pressure medication and was pre-diabetic. Since starting the PFP program I have dropped 42 lbs, I got off my medications, and I've lowered my body fat from 26.6% to 10.9%. I am stronger than ever.

Chris Kearey, Adult Warrior

It’s only been 3 months and I’ve already increased my exit velocity (bat speed) from 70 to 80 mph. 

For basketball, I used to be able to just touch the rim, now I am dunking with two hands!

Alan Cook, Athlete

I’ve lost 2% body fat and gained 6 lbs of muscle mass in just over 30 days so far. 

I am enjoying the gym more than I ever have in my life. I wake up pumped to go to PFP everyday!

Chris Chaney, College Athlete

Elijah has put on 15 – 20 lbs of muscle since starting at PFP and is playing at the highest-level basketball he has ever played. 

He is much more confident on and off the court.

Elijah Brown, Athlete
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We’ll help guide you to the training program that’s right for you. We promise it will be fun and transformational!