You deserve an EXTRAORDINARY summer after last year. You want your mindset, confidence, and physical performance built back up.

At PFP we help college students increase performance and leadership by combining Mental Game Training with our signature Winning Athlete Training Formula, all in a positive, motivating, inspiring atmosphere.

*College THRIVE Performance Program Begins June 1, 2021

Noah Grove
UNH D1 Sled Hockey
Kaleigh Edwards
UCCU D1 Softball
Taylor McDaniels
UNC D1 Lax
Tyler Magaha Saint Francis D1 Football


1. Breakthrough mindset challenges and win the MENTAL GAME first. Next level confidence and certainty.


*Learn how to overcome mistakes fast, get out of your head, and into the zone.

2. Clarify and identify what they want MOST out of their collegiate career, what their best strengths are, and how to maximize those gifts

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3. Build Physical Strength, Conditioning, and Speed through individualized programs


4. Build leadership abilities for influencing and positively impacting their coaches and teammates 


5. Build a resilient body for prevent injury, and give them an ongoing plan to follow and continue improvement while away at school

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Combine FUN with GRIT to achieve peak mental and physical performance

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Join Emily Maseth and 86 College Athlete Leaders this Summer...

West Chester University Softball

Are you a collegiate athlete who wants a proven plan and accountability to produce physical speed, strength, and performance results?

Do you want to overcome mental blocks? Are you frustrated that you are not getting the playing time you feel they deserve?

Regardless of if you are an upcoming freshman, a sophomore, junior, or senior, do you want to make a bigger impact on the team this year?


PFP has coached over 160 collegiate athletes to their next level. We provide an encouraging, inspiring, growth oriented experience that will help you succeed not just on the field, but will equip you with high performance tools and abilities that will create success in every arena of your life.

Sam Breeze American University D1 Lax

Casey Aguilar American University D1 Lax

Matt Sweeney Shenandoah Soccer

Hannah Feinburg Furman University D1 Lax

Juliana Bahan Gallaudet Basketball

Sara Parnes Michigan University D1 Lax

THRIVE begins June 1, 2020 and runs until you need to go back to school!


Be challenged and THRIVE! Train with more than 86 collegiate athletes this summer

  • Be in close proximity to like minded students

  • Have Fun

  • Be filled with energy, positivity, and motivation

  • Work Hard

  • Build Lasting Relationships

  • Build Physical and Mental Strength

  • Stamina, speed, injury prevention