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UNH D1 Sled Hockey
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UCCU D1 Softball
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UNC D1 Lax
Tyler Magaha Saint Francis D1 Football

Some college athletes aim to survive over Summer and Winter..."Stay in shape"


While others choose to THRIVE and get in the best shape of their collegiate career.

"It's not just about the physical strength, speed, and athleticism. PFP strengthens your mindset, makes you a more resilient competitor."

Emily Maseth

West Chester University Softball

Are you a collegiate athlete who wants to improve you physical strength, speed and footwork, mindset, or your endurance?

Are you frustrated that you are not getting the playing time you feel they deserve?

Regardless of if you are an upcoming freshman, a sophomore, junior, or senior, do you want to make a bigger impact on the team this year?

At PFP, our college athlete THRIVE program is designed to do 4 things:


1. Strengthen your Mindset by challenging you to think bigger, dream bigger, and believe in yourself. CONFIDENCE! We also teach you how to overcome your fears and self-doubts, how to defeat over-thinking syndrome, and how to escape the comparison trap.

2. Optimize your physical performance. We emphasize physical strength, stamina, speed, and overall athleticism with our Physical Preparation Formula.

3. Make you bullet-proof and unshakeable. We incorporate our 6 Step Avoidable Injury Reduction System to ensure your body is as resilient as it can be. Unshakeable against negative coaches and teammates as well.

4. Create a positive, encouraging, inspiring atmosphere and community for you where you can THRIVE. 

Sam Breeze American University D1 Lax

Casey Aguilar American University D1 Lax

Matt Sweeney Shenandoah Soccer

Hannah Feinburg Furman University D1 Lax

Juliana Bahan Gallaudet Basketball

Sara Parnes Michigan University D1 Lax

Be challenged and THRIVE! Train with more than 30 collegiate athletes and 13 upcoming freshman players 

  • Have Fun

  • Be filled with energy, positivity, and motivation

  • Work Hard

  • Build Relationships

  • Build physical and mental resiliency

  • Stamina, brute strength, speed, injury prevention

Total: 3 Bi-Weekly Payments of $71 (only $35.50/session)

  • 1 on 1, 1 Hour Performance Success Session
  • Injury Reduction Screening
  • Mental Game Coaching
  • Customized training program based on your individual needs
  • *Unlimited Membership- access to gym on off-days ($69 value)
  • $10 Discount on Stretch/Massage/Recovery Sessions

Total: 3 Bi-Weekly Payments of $183 (as low as $23/session)

Total: 3 Bi-Weekly Payments of $130 (only $32.50/session)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Up to 4 Days Per Week
2 Days Per Week
*Most Popular*
  • 1 day per week of small group performance training
  • Mental Game Coaching
  • Customized training program based on your individual needs
  • 2 days per week of small group performance trainingMental Game Coaching
  • Customized training program based on your individual needs
  • *Unlimited Membership- access to gym on off-days ($69 value)

NOTE: Every athlete will need to start with $50 Success Session and Injury Reduction Screening: 1 hour, 1 on 1 session (normally $100)



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