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Sports Parent Tips

Here is the recording of the call we did with sports parents that gave practical tips to increase your child's mental health and avoid doing or saying anything that could negatively affect it.

Kudos to you if you attended, and kudos to you for watching this recording. I admire parents who put time, energy, and money into ways to proactively help their children be happier, more confident, and more successful.

In my opinion, that was insanely valuable.

So many nuggets from the presenters. So many practicable, actionable items to help you, the sports parent, be more supportive and encouraging without interfering.

Mental health is at an all time low and this call will help you and your athlete's in profound ways!

Dedicated to your child's happiness and success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. Our 4 Week Mindset Workshop for Middle School and High School/College Athletes is filling up fast. Grab a spot now. By the end, your son or daughter will be happier, healthier mentally, and empowered to experience extraordinary success on and off the field. Register now to build a better mindset and reach your full potential.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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