Mental Health, Comparison Living, Fear of Failing, and Body Image Issues are Creating Anxiety and Suicide Rates At All Time Highs. Not to mention, inconsistent performance, passion, and success on and off the field. 

You need to be doing all you can do to help and equip your student-athlete right now


Introducing The Take Back Control Mindset Workshop Series:

Helping Athletes Get Mentally Healthy, Defeat Anxiety, Build a Better Mindset, and Breakthrough Self-Imposed Limitations to Reach Their Potential

30 Spots Only

How Does This Program Work?

✅ 4 Weeks of in-person or video recorded workshops with worksheets (curriculum below)

✅ A combination of lecture, writing exercises, and encouragement to share in groups

✅ Accountability to taking action after each sessions



Two Groups:

  • Middle School: Tuesday's from 5:30-6:30 pm

  • High School and College: Tuesday's from 12:30-1:30 pm

*Virtual: Click here to let us know you are interested and if so, what times!

Week 1: Building Habits of Success, Confidence, and Focus in a Distracted World

- Your anxiety, stress, comparison, and fear are all habitual, not genetic. Your athletes habits will take them to beautiful places, or chronically frustrating ones.

- Take back control and build foundational skills you need to succeed in week 1. 

Week 2: From Fear and Doubt to Focus and Fortitude

- own your fears of failure, falling behind, getting injured, etc

- build the "Buffalo Mentality" you need to be courageous in the face of fear

- learn how to develop intrinsic motivation so you no longer rely on outside pushes

- cultivate the ability to focus and concentrate when you are afraid

Week 3: Escaping the Comparison Trap and Stepping into the Unique Leader you were created to be

- learn how to double down on your strengths and take them to the moon while everyone else struggles with frustation from focusing on weaknesses

- Competence leads to Confidence. Get confident by learning how to generate confidence opposed to waiting for it. We will build a roadmap that ensures you get out of your comfort zone more often


Week 4: Turning Pressure into Power

- reframe pressure into the fueler of your success rather than a detractor

- learn the methods the pros use to "honor their struggles" rather than run from them


By the end of these 4 weeks your athlete will:

  • Have clear goals that motivate them because they are finally aligned with their “why” and their strengths 

  • Be equipped to overcome any fear, mistake, or self doubt quickly and effectively so that they are no longer held back my their own self-imposed limitations 

  • Be a leader- the education, challenges, and accountability they will receive over these 4 weeks will guarantee they follow less and noticeable level up as a leader 

  • Know how to manage anxiety- pre-game, in-game, and post-game anxiety and start playing more confidently

  • Escape the Comparison Trap for good

  • Have a clear plan to drop their destructive habits that are the source of their stress. Too much social media, focusing on the negatives, malnutrition, and more.

What is the Take Back Control Workshop Series?


For 4 Consecutive Weeks, 1x/week, your athlete will strengthen their mindset like never before.

  1. Be empowered and equipped. They WILL know exactly how to blast past anxiety and fear quickly

  2. Feel lighter, less pressured, happier

  3. Standout. Coaches and teammates will begin to notice your child and his or her ability to move past mistakes quickly, to stay positive and confident when the rest don’t

IMG_1593 (1).jpg

The workshop series is created by Andrew Simpson, Author of the Best Selling Athlete Mindset, Coaching, and Parenting Book "The Youth Truth"


This Will Transform Your Athlete's Confidence and Ability to Overcome

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Coach Andrew

  • Created the Mindset Performance Coaching Program and has coached over 1000 sessions helping kids have breakthroughs

  • Author of Youth Truth- book that teaches coaches how to implement mindset coaching 

  • Conducts workshops helping students overcome mental blocks

A clip from Coach Ryan Defibaugh's talk on overcoming fear​

Who are you? During this workshop your son or daughter will identify themself in such a way that they are confident, lighter, and healthier


  • Two Groups:

    • Middle School: Tuesday's from 5:30-6:30 pm

    • High School and College: Tuesday's from 12:30-1:30 pm


  • If your child cannot make some of the sessions, no problem. They will be recorded and your child will get all the benefits of the worksheets and action steps

  • FEAR: ironic that fear could stop them from wanting to do this. But, like anything “new or different” your child may be hesitant. We have done thousands of mindset sessions and workshops and the result is the same. The young man or woman ALWAYS says, “I am so glad I did that. I feel better now”. And performance always follows feeling.

  • Deadline to lock in your spot is July 14th

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What is the mental health of your athlete worth?

Missing a practice to 10X their mental game and get the edge?
We have been witnessing coaches cancelling practice for the first time ever in order to prioritize mindset. First you may be questioned, but then you will be admired.

Going through the hassle of organizing transportation?
By the end of this workshop, your athlete will no longer be their own worst enemy, held back by their own destructive thoughts or habits.

Reallocating finances to make it happen?
When your child is happy, healthy, and thriving, things are good. But the moment things turn south, you will do anything to help them. We want to see them be leaders, not followers.

The Breakdown

  • 4- LIVE 1 hour mindset coaching sessions with video recordings, accountability through shared google sheets, and worksheets to apply the knowledge ($660 value)

  • 2 experienced coaches for 4 weeks helping your child have a breakthrough ($297 value)

  • Access to 30+ advanced videos that will help him or her to continue strengthening their mindset long after the bootcamp is over ($97 value)

Real Value: $1,054

Your Investment: 3 payments of just $99 (or 1 payment of $297)

Can't make it because

of vacation?

No Problem.

✅ This will be professionally recorded

✅ Your athlete will have accountability and action steps

✅ The content and taking action is the key to breakthroughs


EARLY BIRD BONUS: A 1-on-1 Mindset Performance Training Session when you register by June 23 

($200 Value)

 🛑 The Cost of NOT Attending?

We don't know, but we know that 99% of middle, high school, and college athletes are struggling and ill-equipped to survive and thrive through the pressures of life. You will not regret this.

Virtual Workshop Interest

You do not live nearby but want to do this virtually, fill out the form and we will be in touch!


"Taking time to be vulnerable and grow was the best decision I made. I left every session feeling rejuvenated and ready for the week to come with a good mindset."

- Steve, College Lacrosse Player

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“Before the Mindset Coaching Program, Jamie had issues with consistency, focus, and fear. She struggles with her back handspring on beam ..one day she will have it and compete it and the next few days she will lose it. She struggles with confidence.  

After going through mindset coaching with the PFP team, Jamie not only said she enjoyed the session, but she said it was most valuable to talk to a mindset coach outside of the sport. Thank you so much for helping my girls strengthen their mindsets!”

-Frederick County Gymnast

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 11.47.09 AM.png

"The mindset coaching has helped me to improve my mental toughness towards my sports and helped to change my perspective into an overall positive one."

Ben, College Basketball Player

Noah Grove

Member of USA Sled Hockey Team

Gold Medal Winners of 2018 Olympics 

2022 Olympics

"I didn't realize it, but it was exactly what I needed

 to take my game to another level and have peace of mind along the way."

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am very hesitant as this seems new, we've never done anything like this before. Can I get more information?

Of course! Email info@pfpfit.com or call 240-341-2921 to learn more and find out if this is right for your son or daughter.

Where is this event?

PFP! 1664 Bowmans Farm Road, Frederick MD, 21703. A safe and inspiring place where you can drop your child off and pick them up after they are good and motivated. It will be professionally recorded and your athlete will receive the video recording afterwards.

What if I just want 1 on 1 mindset coaching?

We can certainly do that, but we highly encourage the workshop because the courage, breakthroughs, and insights will come from hearing from other athletes, sharing their stories, etc.

What if we can't make the sessions? How will you ensure my child gets better?

The key is the off day homework and accountability. They will be responsible for filling out a tracking sheet to complete assignments. Breakthroughs happen as a result of action after insight. New thoughts alone won't transform them. We are COMMITTED to ensuring that they take massive action!