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One Tip to Finally Achieve Your Fitness Goals

​Let's get right into this, you have goals for 2022 but they are missing the one, most important thing that will absolutely keep you from reaching them.Most of our health and fitness related goals are exterior-- "get more workouts in, lose 20 lbs, get into better shape, run a 5k, etc". Good. You need that type of focus. You also need to focus on how you feel, that is part of the outcome. ​But what is the ROOT issue that has kept you from that in the past? (our rule is, you are not allowed to beat yourself up about these issues. That won't help you get there faster. We must own it, accept accountability, and hopefully we have a great coach who will help us overcome it!)​​- Do you have an issue with delaying gratification? Do you tend to quit if something doesn't feel good immediately? What would a goal for this look like?- Do you have an issue with accountability? You actually ​under commit ​to things which means you never get a coach, a buddy, or someone who will keep you accountable?

Don't forget, what gets measured and counted, gets improved. ALWAYS! Coaches do that for you.

***Do you have a "this is where I am best accepted" issue? ​This one can crush you...

Think about it...for you to have a bunch of friends who are comfortably uncomfortable at 20 lbs overweight while ​you are striving to get into the best shape of your life will test you. Do you retreat back to where you are best accepted, understood, liked?​

- Do you have an excuse and justification issue? You tend to retreat to this-->  "you know it's really not a big deal that I feel low energy, doesn't everyone? I don't need to lose the body-fat, workout 4 days a week, etc..."

- Or maybe you have a complacency settle for "good enough" when on the onside you have something telling you that you want more. You have more in the tank. You can and should inspire your kids or friends through your actions!You see how setting and Inside-Out Goal can be more powerful than an exterior one?

"I was hesitant, I'll admit. I didn't want to commit. I did not realize how that one decision would change my life. PFP truly does care for you as an individual and they have the coaches and plans that will get you results." - Sarah, a New PFP Warrior

If you want some help, PFP is here for you. Our Warrior Program is built on providing an individualized, fun, inspiring experience for every parent and adult who wants to get in shape. Go here to get your first 2 sessions on us!

PFP Warriors- ordinary men and women like you feeling extraordinarily confident, strong, and successfulWe care about helping you ​feel good first. ​This is critical. You can look good but not feel good, which is the ultimately failure. Your first two experiences are on us ^^Serving you,

Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. We believe that an environment of LOVE, FUN, INSPIRATION, and ACCOUNTABILITY leads to sustained success and actually enjoying the journey along the way. If this sounds like you, and you want to be part of a clean, world-class place where you are known and treated as an individual, click to get your first 2 experiences free!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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