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2 Brand New Classes

Good morning! Below you will find an inspiring message to start your day, 2 brand new classes that are part of the PFP Virtual Training Experience, the workout of the day, a nutrition tip, and other complimentary resources for you if you are looking for things to do for you and your kids during this time.

Some people choose to give up because the journey was longer and harder than they expected. They become a settler instead of the pioneer they are meant to be. The unfortunate reality is that many of us would choose our comfort rather than our destiny, would choose safety over opportunity, would rather settle for less than sacrifice more.

“So the questions need to be asked: If you are not where you want to be, why do you keep choosing to stay where you are? If you know there is a future waiting for you why do you choose to stay trapped in the past? What will it take to jar you out of the security of where you are to pursue what can be obtained only in an uncertain future?”

That passage came from one of the best books I have ever read, The Last Arrow. If you grab that book your life will change. Make it your quarantine goal (unless of course, you still need to listen to or read The Youth Truth :) )

We are here to help you and your kids get through this. Check out the NEW things happening with our Virtual Experience this week to help bring you structure, routine, and to help you feel gooder :-)

NEW! “Feel Gooder” Class: Foam Roll & Flexibility!

5:15-5:45 pm Tuesday and Thursday of this week we will be test driving a brand new class.

If you are an ATHLETE, you know how important it is to stay suppleright now. Otherwise you WILL go out and pull a muscle or get injured if you try to go back into game speed play. This class will help get your body primed and ready for competition again.

Adults! You know why you need this. The low back pain, the need this for mental clarity and need this to ensure you can KEEP doing your workouts without having an injury down the road.

Best part is? It is included in your virtual membership. Click here to get access to this class→ Class Zoom Links

Email or call 240-341-2921 if you want to discuss getting a free trial for yourself and/or your family and the “pay what you can” options.

Parent-Kid Saturday 10 am Workout Experience!

You may have missed an opportunity to have an amazing, fun, empowering experience WITH your kids this past weekend, however you do not have to miss it again.

Join Tanya and I this Saturday at 10 am for the Parent-Kid Family Workout Experience by going to the Class Zoom Links and signing up on mindbody.

Email to get involved with the experience OR simply sign up if you are already part of the PFP Virtual Experience.  

Coach Stephanie’s Nutrition Tip of the Day!

Warriors!!! This week is MEAL PREP MONDAY!! Here are some great ideas to help you get started!

These 5 Chicken Meal Prep Bowls recipes are a quick and easy way to meal prep for healthy lunches and dinners all week!

Easy Chicken Meal Prep Bowls: 5 Ways | Easy chicken recipes, Healthy eating, Chicken meal prep

Workout of the Day from Coach Chris! (can also be accessed on your new membership website along with all previous day workouts)

Partner “300”

You and your partner will work as a team towards 100 reps of each of the specified exercises. While Partner A is working towards 100 reps, Partner B will be the “time keeper'' and will complete specified number of reps before switching exercises with Partner A.

Example, Partner A starts with squats, Partner B starts with 10 Burpees, once Partner B finishes 10 Burpees, they switch exercises with Partner A. Partner B will pick up on squats where Partner A left off. Repeat back and forth until you have completed 100 squats combined as a team.

Round 1

100 Tempo Squats (Goblet or Bodyweight)

-  Partner time keeper - 10 Burpees

Round 2

100 Hand-Release Pushups (lower to the bottom of a push up, lift hands off ground, push back up)

-  Partner time keeper - 12 Lunges

Round 3

100 Glute Bridges (2 second hold each rep)

-  Partner time keeper - 30 Bicycle Crunches


2 Minute Plank Challenge

-  30 sec High Plank, 30 sec Side Plank, 30 sec Side Plank, 30 sec Low Plank

Serving you and your family,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. Email for your first experience on us and do not forget to grab The Last Arrow.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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