Our vision

A world where student-athletes become fully confident early on in life. A world where every student has a mentor leader: a coach who motivates and inspires them, challenges them to be their best, holds them accountable, and is there for them, always.


Our Mission

To provide high-performance coaching and mentoring in an environment that fosters Love, and inspires student-athletes to reach their full God-given potential in sport and life.


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We are proud of our 13 Current collegiate athletes

 11 NCAA Division I Athletes in upcoming 2017-2018 season

"A year ago I found myself overweight and feeling very exhausted all the time. I was 2 ½ years out from having my 2nd baby and haphazardly starting and stopping “diets”. Finally something clicked and I set a goal to clean up my diet and lose some weight. After about a 20lbs lost I was feeling more energetic than I had in years! Then I felt the need to do more than just just lose weight but to improve my fitness and feel stronger. This is when I met my amazing trainer who I have been working with for 8 months. In that time I started training with him at PFP and I am so incredibly happy that I did! From the moment I walked in everyone has been so genuinely welcoming and encouraging. The whole environment is unlike any other fitness center I have been to. I used to have to drag myself to the gym but now when it’s a day I know I will be at PFP it is one of the highlights of my day! A year past my decision to get my mind and body together on a fitness journey and I still continue to feel more and more motivated!!"



"I've always been an active person, playing several sports in high school and Division II soccer in college. Staying in shape was always pretty easy. Once I started working a "real" job, staying in shape became much harder and my weight fluctuated. In addition, I work a desk job and sit all day. I began training at PFP in March after being referred by a friend.

Since March, my strength and aerobic fitness has increased considerably. The coaches at PFP have motivated me to eat healthier and things are falling into place. I plan ahead and make much better choices. I want to fuel my body for my workouts instead of eating whatever is in front of me. I knew after the first class that I would love training at PFP and I have! The classes are awesome and I never want to miss one! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and I love the mentality. I love the Word of the Week and "What's your why?", it's what I've been missing to keep me motivated!!! - Amber Bowman

My name is Kaleigh Edwards and I am a senior at Tuscarora High School. This year will be my fourth year playing for Tuscarora’s varsity softball team and my eighth year playing for the Heartbreakers travel softball team. Since playing for Tuscarora, I have been awarded scholar athlete, All-MVLA conference 1st team, and Frederick News Post all area 1st team all three years. Also, I received an athletic scholarship to play D-1 college softball at, Central Connecticut State after high school. I am grateful to have softball in my life and it has taught me that achieving anything worthwhile requires commitment, diligence, hard work, and perseverance. I would not be where I am today if it were not for softball and the opportunities the game has given me. In an effort to enhance my athletic skills I learned about PFP through softball and I am thankful I have become a member of the PFP family.

           I joined the PFP team in August 2015 and have attended workouts every week since. PFP has become a huge part of my life and will continue in the future. The staff is invested in developing individuals not only as athletes but as successful people. They care about each and everyone who steps through their door. They encourage good grades and offer a helping hand to anyone in need. The staffs’ friendly personality, enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious and makes you want to come to your workouts. The PFP team is talented, hardworking and knows how to push you past your limits to reach your goals.  Each training sessions is challenging, creative but rewarding and fun! I noticed immediate results after starting with PFP and I have improved immensely in my balance, flexibility, strength, speed and agility.  PFP is the stepping stone to prepare me for my college workouts. I will always appreciate the time and commitment that the staff has put into training me. Thanks PFP for making me a better athlete and person!!!


"Hello, my name is Tyler Magaha. I am a 17 year old recent graduate of TJ High School. This fall I will be attending St. Francis University in PA to play college football at the Division 1-AA level. I played both basketball and football in high school, but my experience with football is what has helped make me become the person that I am; going from my first three years of high school when I rode the bench and was not able to find playing time, to seizing the opportunity I was given my senior year and breaking records, giving myself the chance to continue playing the game I love in college. Hard work can help you achieve any goal, and I truly believe that. Sometimes you don't have any other choice other than to work so hard that your coach doesn't have a choice but to play you. 

I have been working with the PFP Coaches since about the 8th grade or so, and without them my transformation would not have been possible. It is now June, and since starting back up with PFP again in February, I can already see tremendous improvements in my athleticism. I am now able to dunk a basketball, something I have never been able to do. My speed has increased immensely, and my agility and ability to cut has sharpened. Another aspect of my body Coach Andrew has really helped me with is my flexibility; he knew it was an issues with me and I have done more stretching than I ever have since starting with PFP and the results are clear. I really do love coming into PFP and seeing all the other high school athletes working hard, it is a great environment and an awesome place to get after it!" -Tyler Magaha

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