Restoring joy and passion, shattering fear and doubt, and raising up confident, successful leaders

By PFP Founder and Visionary Andrew Simpson

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Youth Sports are Insane and the way we view sports are causing anxiety, fear, self-doubt, comparison, and even depression to SOAR among our youth.


As a result, kids are BURNING OUT at scary rates- by the age of 13, 77% of student-athletes quit sports and they say it is because of parents and coaches making it "not enjoyable anymore".

This Youth Truth book is all about answering the question, "how do I more effectively influence and inspire my student-athlete(s) to become the confident, healthy, high-performing leader without experiencing the massive pitfalls so many kids and families face?"

My promise to you is that when you read this book, you will be transformed and so will your students. Thousands have read this book and have been changed by it.