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Youth Sports, Don't Conform

I don't want to be caught conforming without realizing it.Cultural and societal norms can have such a strong hold on a person without that person even realizing it.One of those norms is youth sports.Is it normal to spend the bulk of your time as well as your mental and emotional energy on sports? Have you conformed without knowing it?What about your conversations? Is it normal to spend every cherished conversational moment talking about college sports, what should have happened in the last game, or what your child should do better in their next game?​Is it ok that some people do not have even 1 hour per week of margin to get their child to a place like PFP where they can work on their mindset, nutrition, character, and fitness?​Be careful, one day youth sports will be gone and you will look back and say, "I wish...I wish I would have allocated more time to strengthening our family unit...creating memories...getting to church...I wish I would have gone against the grain and prioritized activities for my child that made them a better human being, not merely a better athlete." ​Maybe you need to make a 180, or maybe you just need a few tweaks. Break the pattern of conformity today.You may have to make some hard decisions in light of what is best for your son or daughter long term. If they are younger, you have it easier. Regardless, I encourage you to be bold, courageous, and decisive today as you contemplate what is the best use of your time, energy, and conversations today.We are called to be courageous as love-powered coaches and leaders, not to conform! 👊👊Dedicated to change,Coach Andrew SimpsonAuthor of The Youth Truth

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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