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Your Ultimate Coaching Experience

Last night I spoke to a room full of lacrosse coaches about creating their Ultimate Coaching Experience.

You deserve and can create a better experience, coach. Not just this season, not just next season, but for the entire duration of your coaching career.

When you do not intentionally create your Ultimate Coaching Experience, the end result is predictable:


  1. You become increasingly irritable & frustrated  
  2. You begin blaming parents for your bad experience  
  3. You blame the “difficult generation of athletes” for your bad experience  
  4. You let curveballs and unforeseen setbacks cloud your vision  
  5. You slowly lose passion for coaching despite knowing you were put on this earth to make an impact in the kids lives

Ultimately, absent a vision for your Ultimate Coaching Experience, you burn out like a candle.

Absent a commitment to resourcefulness, you believe that your lack of resources are the cause for your poor coaching experience.

I am here to link arms with you, just as I did the coaches last night. There is another level of coaching that you can experience.

Joy and ever increasing passion exists only on these levels. Love for what you do as a coach increases with each passing year. On the next level, your gratitude outweighs your frustrations every day of the week. Every coach has roughly the same types and intensities of problems, but not every coach knows how to craft a better experience in spite of the problems.

Can you imagine what will happen when every coach in the world knows how to create and sustain a superior Coaching Experience?

Can you imagine the ripple effect when you discover the 3 secrets to having a generational impact in the lives of the kids you coach while at the same time sustaining your own health, well-being, passion, joy, and love for what you do?

Ohhhhhh this is just the beginning. The Youth Truth movement is strong and you are a part of it.

If you have an organization of coaches you would like me to speak to, please email me directly at

Dedicated to transforming the lives of millions of student-athletes,

Coach Andrew

P.S. This is a quick 2 min video I shared last night. John Wooden, "Coach" as they called him, has some wise words for us. -->

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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