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Your Own Race at Your Own Pace: No More Comparison!

Are you running your own race?

The one that you were called ​​to run, at the pace you were called to run it?

Are you staying in your own lane?

Are you doing things the way you were uniquely designed to do them, with the attitude and character that is indeed your unique nature?

No, you've drifted. One minute you are clear about who you are and where you are headed, then the next minute you are in someone else's lane, running someone else's race.

Frustration with your own situation can happen in the blink of an eye, can't it?

All it takes is one glance over at the person next to you to drift into their lane. Just ask Chad le Clos 🤦‍♂️...

When you do this, you start losing. And I don't mean losing a race or a game...

I mean losing in the sense of you drifting further and further from experiencing the life of JOY, PURPOSE, AND MEANING that God intends for you to experience.

What is it really worth to win a race and lose in life?

Do you want to be 85 years old and finally realize that you've never experienced daily joy and true peace? That you've lived your entire life in a state of strive? That you never were quite able to shift to a perspective that allowed you to live each day in a peak, extraordinary, beautiful state?

Comparison is the thief of joy. It lies to you and tells you that this next statement is less true than it actually is...

Progress trumps perfection every day of the week. Patience with yourself is a choice, a decision. Being proud of others and yourself ​because you've been doing the right things, ​is something you can do right in this moment.

Instead of asking this question everyday, "how do I get where he is or she is?" ask instead, "how can I make progress and enjoy that progress on this very day?"

When is the last time you truly celebrated a little win? When is the last time you celebrated a small win or a small sign of progress for your child or your spouse?

If you don't make an effort to celebrate their little wins, they will never feel they have made progress until they've arrive at that arbitrary destination that does not really exist, leading to chronic discontentment and dissatisfaction.

My friend, give yourself the grace that you would likely encourage your best friend to give his or herself today.

Be patient with yourself, kind towards yourself. Be honest and realistic with yourself. Find the beautiful blend of ambition and contentment. It is possible when you stay in your lane and practice daily gratitude. Besides, what that other guy or girl ​has ​typically is not the thing that makes them happiest. Just ask him or her...

You are where you are today because of the decisions you've made.

Where do you want to be tomorrow? Swim in that direction and make sure it is the direction ​you really want to go towards.

Preparation, Progress, Peace. That is how humble high-performers live.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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