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Your Daily Fuel- 4 gifts inside


Yes, I am talking to YOU mom, dad, student…

As your coach I am instructing you to do two things today. The first is FUN. How fun and funny is THAT!? You are the leader of your flock...if you are having fun and experiencing internal joy, so with they.

CHALLENGE #2 (most of them can be completed by reading the full email)

I need you to do your checklist today. Cut the time IN HALF to get started. The people who did this yesterday felt awesome afterwards. You will meet resistance, but that resistance, similar to weight training, will make you stronger.

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Nutrition Tip of the Day from Coach Stephanie

Remember Your WHY!!

Warriors, with all of the changes it is becoming harder and harder to stay on track with your healthy eating habits.

When you’re in the house more or working from home it can be easy to get the munchies, to eat from boredom or stress, kids may be around and wanting unhealthy things. I want more for you, and you should want more for yourself.


It is not worth giving up your goals and your healthy habits. It will only make you feel worse. Think long-term, a month from now, looking back on how your choices added up to get you to that place. Like what you see? Like how you feel?

If you are finding yourself struggling with consistency in your eating, and staying motivated, I want you to write down and remember YOUR WHY for eating well.

Write your WHY out and put it on the fridge.

Write out how you will feel after making healthy, happy choices and also write out how you would feel if you let yourself eat from emotions.

Reflect on that and allow it to fuel your passion and dedication for keeping healthy eating habits!

​3. Workout of the Day from Coach Chris! (can also be accessed on your new membership website​ along with all previous day workouts)

Round and Round

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds going from one exercise to the next. Each round has 4 exercises. After all 4 exercises, take a rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat for 3-4 sets.

Round 1

-  Goblet Squat (Or Bodyweight Squat)

-  Mt. Climbers

-  Bridges

-  Ice Skater Jumps side to side

Round 2

-  Suitcase Alternating Lunge (Or Bodyweight Lunge)

-  Hand Release Pushup (lower to the ground, lift hands off ground, push back up)

-  Starfish (for more challenge, keep legs and arms in the air)

-  Fast Jacks (Jumping Jacks... but FAST)

Round 3

-  KB/DB Swing (Or Good Mornings)

-  Bear Crawl (or stationary plank hold)

-  ASLR (Alternating Single Leg Raise)

-  Burpees

AND AS ALWAYS, use your knowledge for power. If you have equipment, bands, a TRX, weights...use them! Throw in some TRX rows, chin ups, Band rows at the end! 100 reps? Sounds good! ;-)

Mindset Fuel of the Day

You must watch this as a family. You must allow this message to impact you like it has me and the PFP Team. OHHHH my. This is powerful stuff, as powerful as it comes.

The Last Arrow: Save NOTHING For the Next Life

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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