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Good morning! TONS of powerful parts to this email. The WORKOUT today is blowing my mind. Thank you Coach Chris for putting it together!

“Thanks for the eye opener tonight, Andrew. I finally realized that I have been ‘exposed’. And it made me realize I need to let go of what ISN’T and start moving forward to what COULD BE. I need to ‘set my past on fire’ as you said. It was really helpful for me, Coach.”

Last night’s webinar was somewhat impromptu. I felt led to share what God had placed on my heart about how we can ALL become BETTER as a result of the current happenings.

But the scary truth is that MOST will become worse. By refusing to change, and thinking you will just “be the same and stay the same” after the Coronavirus happenings, is just not possible.

You will either become BETTER, or worse. A better leader, steward of your materials, business, and finances. A better mom, dad, athlete, brother, sister, etc.

I want to give you the gift of the recording so that you can become better too.

--> 48 Hour Access to Last Night's Recording <--

The webinar recording is your MINDSET FUEL of the day, your entertainment, and your opportunity to rise above!

MORE than just an “online workout” at a price you CAN afford


  • Get Connected  
  • Be Inspired and Motivated  
  • Feel Strong and Healthy in just 45 minutes along with an amazing Virtual Community: Kids, Adults...heck, even your dog can join

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“Pay What You Can”- you need this, so does your child. It is empowering, invigorating, and uplifting. More than just a workout for sure. Email us to discuss more about this option.

Nutrition Tip of the Day from Coach Stephanie

How to stay on the “Feel Great Look Great Course Going UP!” when everything is flipped upside down…


  • Set goals: use this time to your advantage. Reflect and Reset. No goals, nothing motivating you.


  • Set your intention:

Write out the healthy habits you’d like to and plan to maintain or create.


  • Create (no one else will do this for you) a routine:

Start your morning off right.

Get in a routine with your eating. Don’t just snack all day.

Plan out when you will exercise, make it an “appointment.”

Keep your mind right by getting in the habit of writing down daily gratitude and journal.


  • Get an accountability partner:

This could be a family member or friend who you can check in with daily to stay on track.


  • Meal Prep and Snack Prep:

Instead of being overwhelmed with the amount of food you have stocked up in your fridge and pantry, make it organized by setting up a meal plan for each day. Do this with a kid or spouse!

Plan out what you will have for breakfast and lunch, and what you will make for the family for dinner.

This will not only give you a good inventory of the food you have but also keep you on track for clean eating!            

It is a true Win-Win!

Workout of the Day from Coach Chris! (can also be accessed on your new membership website along with all previous day workouts)

SCC! Strength, Cardio, Core

Strength 3-4x

Squat Hold - 20sec followed by → 20 Squats (Add weight for extra challenge)

Pushup Position Hold (Low or High) - 15sec followed by → 15 Pushups

Split Squat Hold - 20sec → 10 Split Squats (Repeat other side)

Superman Hold - 20sec → Prone IYT (superman’s up and down for reps) 5 I’s, 5 Y’s, 5 T’s

Cardio 2 sets x 4 Mins

Complete 10 reps of each exercise for set 1. Then repeat the circuit doing 20 reps of each exercise for round 2. Then 30 reps, then 40… See how high you can get the rep count in 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, rest 60 seconds and then repeat exercises working your way DOWN to 10 reps again. Try to get all the back down in the same allotted 4 minutes.

Ice Skaters

High Knees

Jumping Jacks

Side Shuffles

Mt. Everest Climbers (Knees to elbows)

Core Finisher 2 x :20on/:10off

Hollow Drop x :20

Alt. Bicycle Crunch x:20

Bird Dog x:20ea (:40)

Plank Walk Out x :20

Mindset Fuel of the Day

Become The Person You Were Always Meant to Be BECAUSE of the Coronavirus

With love,

Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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