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Your Athlete's Reputation

You know what is massively, painfully stressful for a student-athlete?

Striving to build a reputation inauthentically. Doing everything you can to get others to think more highly of you.

In an authentic and peaceful life, a reputation is a natural bi-product of a strong character: doing the right thing, putting others first, and staying true to yourself.

This is particularly prevalent in high school student-athletes trying, striving, and exhausting themselves to get coaches (club, high-school, and/or college) to think more highly of them.

Now let me be clear...I am not saying you shouldn't want those things. You should. But, to worry about this constantly and stress about it all the time, every showcase, every game, at home with the family, etc. is counterproductive at best.

​Reputation is a result that is outside of your control.

It may just be a minor paradigm shift for you, athlete. This should not change what you ​do​ necessarily, but it should change ​why you do it, ​which in turn will make ​what you do ​feel more natural, less stressful, and more exciting.

"Today I will give my best because that is who I am. I will aim to help my teammates be better. I will leverage my skills and talents for the good of the team. I will show up strong, leave it all out on the field, and let the outcomes take care of themselves. I can not control what coaches, fans in the stands, or other players think of me, I can only control my attitude and actions."

When ​this ​is the heart-set and mind-set of an athlete, I can predict their joy, passion, and consistency of performance almost exactly.

It is what we aim to infuse into the mind and heart of a PFP athlete. It is a higher road. It is the posture of a leader.

Dedicated to our youth's success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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