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Your Athlete's Path To Greatness

3 Things Every Student Athlete Wants

  1. To know what it feels like to be a winner, a champion, a high-performer in something
  2. To be seen, be noticed, feel significant
  3. To feel confident, less unsure, less insecure

In our research, it is a low percentage of kids that fully feel and experience just one of those things above.

The percentage drops even lower when we talk about an athlete experiencing 2 or 3 of these.


1. Untrue, unhelpful beliefs about themselves that have been informed by past experiences and present circumstances rather than future possibilities.

Until we get them to see themselves in a new light, with a compelling future, nothing changes. This is called inspiration. Is your child being inspired

2. They lack the practical tools, motivation, and accountability for taking action.

Confidence is not a feeling, it is an action. You don’t receive confidence, you generate it.

Even if a coach or teammate gives you a compliment (which many kids say they need in order to feel confident) the confidence that comes from that only lasts if you do something after a result of that compliment. It is the action that leads to confidence.

The problem is, most kids are not doing the things that they do not want to do. They are not taking risks at practice, asking the coach for extra help, trying a new move in a game, driving to the goal despite not being confident. They fear rejection, failure, and the unknown.

The truth remains→ the path to confidence is forged through discomfort– getting out of your comfort zone on a consistent basis and taking action until you feel confident.

3. Lack of consistent effort towards a desired goal. The definitive decision to stick to something for long enough to become the champion, the winner, you desire to be.

In today’s distracted world, it is harder than ever for a young man or woman to stay focused on a target.

But as adults, we know that focus and consistent effort lead to success.

If you want to become successful on the lacrosse field, if you want to earn a scholarship, if you want to become the best on the team, it will be the result of gazelle-like focus and intensity over time.

What is the solution?

Your child needs a Performance Coach now more than ever. If they are just a number on their sports team and they don’t have someone who is focused on motivating them, holding them accountable, and taking them to the next level, it will be hard for them to accomplish the trifecta we talked about in the beginning.

Let PFP come alongside of your child and coach them to ​their greatness. It looks different for everyone, but everyone has a level of greatness within them.

Every child deserves to experience the feeling of total confidence, self-belief, and success.

Book a call here so we can learn more about your son or daughter and the best path to their greatness-->

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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