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Your Athlete's Destiny

This is the only way to achieve sustained performance, on and off the field...

"Some are blessed with physical and mental facility, but non are more prized that then on who has developed ​true character​."

​Come on...this is not a popular quote in today's "pressure-packed - get a scholarship - I want MY child to be the best" youth sports world.

The truth is that if you do want these things, you had better take an inside-out approach. You had better start with ​character development​.

Eventually your kids will be done sports and will enter into the rest of their lives. Decades and decades of work and family life that requires heavy doses of ​character ​in order to be fulfilled, happy, and successful.

​What is CHARACTER, anyway?

​1. How you respond to adversity

2. How you treat people (teachers, coaches, bosses, friends, enemies)

3. How you show up in the world, how you "be"

It sounds to me like a confident, high-performing, athletic LEADER needs more of these things in order to thrive...

Sow a character, reap a ​destiny.

Have a plan for inside-out development​, execute on that plan, and you will achieve all the things you desire to achieve!

Dedicated to our youth's success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Speed, Agility, Mindset, Strength, Leadership in Frederick, MD

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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