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You automatically LOSE if you don't know this

What is SUCCESS?

Success is the 15 year old who fails to make varsity yetdecides she will be the best leader on JV that she can possibly be, and she has the best season of her career (which catches the attention of the varsity coach who then pulls her up for playoffs).

Success is the college athlete who gets to the end of his Senior year and rather than letting the perfectionism of what he hasn't accomplished rob him of his joy, he is enjoying the journey more than ever and looks back on his playing career with fondness (and therefore, because he's in the right head space, he has his best season ever).

Success is the 6th grade female lacrosse player who, in partnership with her parents, has the confidence and courage to decide that she will stick to playing with a local team so she doesn't have to get home at 10 pm 3 nights a week (and does so without FOMO- she realizes she can still maximize her potential in other ways that don't cost her sleep and less time for studying).

Success is the coach who, at the end of the season, has a dozen players who are in tears leaving her because of the way she treated them as people, how she helped them grow, and the way she made them feel.

➡️ It is so, so important that you and I define what Successis for us, and then intentionally and consistently live our days, weeks, months, seasons, years, and lives backwards so as to get closer and closer to success.  

Decisions = Destiny


Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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