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Why (PFP) Does What We Do

Have you ever wanted to do something so bad you could completely feel what it would be like if you actually did it?

Maybe you wanted to start going to the gym 3x a week, break that eating habit you don't like, read a good book on the weekend, be more intentional with your relationships, ask for that promotion you know your ready for.

But right before you take action towards what you wanted something holds you back...

Maybe its the little voice in your head saying you shouldn't do it...

- You don't have time

- You won't be able to accomplish it

- You are too old

- You are too young

- You are too big

- You are too slow

- You could get hurt

​- You don't deserve it

There are a number of reasons you could give yourself that keep you from taking action toward your goals.

I have been there before!

Before I jumped all in to our Adult Program here at Player's Fitness and Performance I had a number of insecurities that I had to address that were really holding me back.

They sometimes pop back up, but now I know how to change my state of mind and move forward with the things I know I should be doing.

For example I use to think I was "Too young" to give real advice to adults that have far more experience and knowledge than I do. How could I really make an IMPACT on the people I work with... I use to tell myself...

It wasn't until I transformed what I was saying to myself that really made a difference.


  1. First you have to RECOGNIZE what you are telling yourself is negative and holding you back from who you truly are and what you can become. Self sabotage can often times be in your comfort zone.  
  2. Then you have to think of a time you were the opposite of what that insecurity is. For example if I thought I couldn't create IMPACT on the adults I train I had to think of those great memories when a client of mine and I made a great break through for themselves either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  
  3. ​Once you have a clear vision of when you were successful in that area you must DECIDE to take action. You have probably WANTED to take action for awhile but the time to start was yesterday but we can work with NOW.  
  4. The more you DECIDE to take action the more memories you will create reinforcing your ability to do what you have wanted to do. This makes the limiting beliefs invalid over time!

We don't crave fame, riches, fast cars, big houses what we truly crave is exactly what the image above states - "It is about Being Real, Being Humble, Being Able to Share Ourselves and Touch The Lives of Others."

The Coaches at PFP and I are all in to helping those in our community find clarity on who they are so that they too can be Confident and Courages when being REAL, HUMBLE, ABLE TO SHARE, and TOUCH THE LIVES AROUND THEMSELVES.

We just happen to do this through fitness...

Please read this great reflection from one of our Warriors!

"Had an interesting break through this morning. As I was driving around I had a long talk with God & then my Husband. What I have realized is that apparently, I fear almost success...  If I've never felt like I have seen true success as an athlete I guess I'm just assuming I never will at this point. Which is wrong! I know success can be measured on so many levels because I've been having success, I guess it's the big goal which in my mind is the test of true success, which is false because really the journey is the success the end goal is just a result of the journey. Lets hope that this stays all over my brain! Who knew that lifting weights and just trying to get in shape would open up a whole different part of my brain and learning process."

This is WHY we do what we do! Now what do you need to STOP telling yourself or START telling yourself so that you can be REAL, HUMBLE, and ABLE TO SHARE, and TOUCH THE LIVES AROUND YOU?

Serving You,

Joe Pfister


If this sounds like something you are interested in trying send us an email to and request more information on our 4wk Open House Program! It is a great way to try out either small group training (With a program specifically made for you) or our Bootcamp Classes that are super fun with lots of energy!

Joe Pfister

Chief Operating Officer
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