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Who's in your corner? Powerful story...

"I couldn't have done it without you." he said...Who is in your corner?Brett came to me almost a year ago today and told me his plan. "I am going to basic training in the fall and from there I want to go into the Navy Seals training program." I was amazed! Here in front of me was a 19 year old kid that we trained through high school and now his #1 goal was set in stone. He needed a coach and people in his corner!He said to me "I would like to workout with you and I want you to push me as hard as you can." At the time I happened to be doing an intense workout plan that included circuit training with heavy weight lifting. Just what Brett needed.Over the next 3 months, before he left for basic training, we worked out together and got lunch as I began to mentor him and coach him up on strengthening his mindset, his focus, leveling up his goals, and raising his expectations of himself. He loved it and I was loving it as well.Not only that but he was training in Severna Park with ex Military guys who help new recruits train before leaving for training. Brett was so focused on learning and surrounding himself with people that he looked up to and who would hold him accountable to the highest standard.Long story short, he passed basic training and found out he had been accepted into Seal training. He would be reporting to San Diego in the beginning of the year. There were 250 recruits who were hungry and eager to get started. These are the toughest, smartest, and most competent recruits from all parts of the country. 4 weeks later, only 71 were left. Brett had made it through the initial part of training including Hell Week (Training lasts for 5 days and 4 nights with only 4 hours of sleep total during the week)He told me a couple things he went through in regards to running around 100 miles, carrying boats over head the whole time, lying down in the ice cold crashing waves, and much, much more. WOW. I can't even imagine what that is like! He came out really healthy, but he mentioned some of the injuries some of the other guys continued to train through without hesitation. It took my breath away...I could hear in his voice he had been broken, he mentioned "I am really happy I made it through, but I still feel like I can't celebrate it." I tried to encourage him and told him how proud I was of him.It was at this moment I heard him say "Yeah I will try." (In regards to the continued training coming up.) I knew I had to say something to spark a change in him. If I was not going to step up and choose to be in his corner, who would?I told him about the 4 words you should never use TRY, CAN'T, BAD, NEED. TRY - If you are going to do something you will either do it or you won't do it. There is no TRY. For example TRY to shut your phones screen down. Let me know what happens. :)BAD - I may say I am having a BAD day because the weather doesn't let me outside. Brett's friend in Seal Training could have said it is BAD that they have to go back out for another run in the middle of the night. Both have valid points, however BAD is not the best word to describe something unpleasant or unwanted. Things need to be REALLY BAD for it to be BAD. And, do you ever say YOU are bad at something? Is it helpful? How about, "how can I become better" instead?NEED - This is a survival word. When Brett was in the water and his core temperature was dropping from the ocean water he might of thought he NEEDED to get out of the water and just quit. In reality it was a want. How do we know? Because he is still healthy! He was fine after all he went through! He clearly did not need to get out! Because of his determination, he was successful. It makes me think twice when I say I "NEED" something. Most likely I just want something to be more comfortable.CAN'T - ​If you think you CAN'T or think you can, either way you are right. So take a moment and check with yourself before you are about to do something new. What are you telling yourself? I hope you choose to be in your own corner when it matters!You see everyone can get beaten down and feel broken at times. The real question is, who do you have in your corner to cheer you on? I hope you have a community of supporters and you can depend on yourself for encouragement.Dedicated to your success,Coach Joe and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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