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What to do When You Lack Follow-Through

A dad said to me the other day that the reason he came to us is because his daughter Amanda is quick but lacks strength (this blog isn't about female athletes getting stronger, although we can help with that).

For some reason I thought about myself.

“I’m quick to start things, but lack follow-through.”

I am a 9 Quick Start on a strengths-based personality test called “Kolbe”. I am a 3 on Follow Through. My natural tendency for following through and sticking with something long term is not superb.

My good friend Alex Judd, who is a phenomenal leadership and business coach, said this:

“People who lack follow through create structure and systems around the very things that they do not want to or do not like to follow through on, but know they should.” -Judd

Man, that one hit home. Just because I don’t feel like sticking with a weekly rhythm of writing articles like this one (I’d prefer to just do it when I feel it) doesn’t mean I get a pass.=

Just because I don’t feel like staying with a Monday 10:15 am, Tuesday 10:15 am, Thursday 2 pm, Friday 10:15 am workout rhythm (I’d prefer randomness, whenever I feel like it) doesn’t mean I get a pass!

Why is this important?

Because my future goals, aspirations, and the man, husband, father, leader, brother, and son that I want to be depends on my ability to stick with something long after I no longer feel like it.

I am the first to admit I am not a strong Follow Through. I even had a personality test to validate me! But, I know I need structure and systems to help me stay consistent!

What good habits or practices do you need more structure around that you tend to avoid or fall away from?

  • Working out
  • Prayer or meditation time
  • Getting up from the computer every 50 minutes to move and breathe
  • Reaching out to friends and family (I need reminders and someone to be accountable to otherwise I go way too long without contacting people I love)
  • Eating right

Which friend can you partner up with? Who do you need to hire for accountability?

Take action now! (and follow through ;-) )

Serving you,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. We can help in the area of exercise, nutrition, and recovery so you stay fresh and energized. You can get going with our 6 Week Challenge. 

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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