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What do your athlete's running speed and your car have in common?

How fast can your car go?

About as fast as the engine allows it to go.

Maybe you have a Honda Accord. Maybe a BMW. Maybe a Ford F150 (sorry Chevy people).

Regardless of the kind of car you drive, it can only go as fast as it can go.

Put the pedal all the way to the floor, and it may top out at somewhere around 110 like my Hyundai Sonata (Note: I have never floored it nor have I ever gone 110, just guessing).

Can you guess one of the ONLY ways to get your car to go faster?

That’s right, a bigger engine!

If you currently have a V4, your car may go 110. Put a V8 in it, your car will likely be able to top out at 125, maybe 130 MPH.

An athlete’s running speed is predicated on the same principles as your car.

In talking with athletes it is mind boggling to me how many of them STILL think that the way to run faster is to RUN MORE!

That is literally on different than  saying you can make your car faster by driving it every single day.

The more likely result of running MORE is that your body wears down.

Putting a bigger engine in a car to produce more speed IS TO building bigger muscles in your entire body to produce more force into the ground, thereby producing more SPEED!

Strength leads to speed, speed leads to enhanced performance, enhanced performance does lead to a higher degree of confidence and the belief that “I can hang with or even BEAT these guys!”.

Now you know that strength is the key to speed. However, there is a second issue to address.

Having a progressive, customized strength enhancement program that will get your athlete stronger in a SAFE and effective manner.

If you are interested in finding out how you can do this for your athlete, let us know. Call 240-341-2921 or email

Dedicated to your athlete’s success,

Coach Andrew

P.S. I know running form is important to you as well. This is something we work on with our athletes. Read this testimonial…

“Before taking my daughter to PFP, she was already fast and athletic compared to other girls her age. Because of this, I was unaware of how much room for a “bigger engine” she had. Developing her physical strength turned her from being one of the faster athletes into one of the fastest athletes in the ENTIRE County. Strength works!” -A PFP athlete committed to a D1 college for lacrosse

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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