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Weight is Irrelevant

If you use the scale as your measure of fitness success, you will likely be discouraged. Why? Because weight is irrelevant and that is ALL the scale shows. Your body fat and muscle mass are what matter most.

This is a must-read message (or watch the video​​ above) for you and/or your children who are struggling physically and mentally because your weight is not changing when you ​should ​be focusing on factors within your control.​

First, healthy fit people do not focus on their weight.

Let me explain...

1 pound of muscle is the equivalent of roughly 2 pounds of fat.

You could lose 15-20 lbs of body fat, thereby making you look better, feel better, increase energy, and be healthier, but only lose 5-10 lbs of total weight.


Because you gained muscle.

And when you gain muscle, your metabolism increases and you can beat your husband or kids in an arm wrestling match ;-)

Let's get smart and stop obsessing over weight.

Body fat loss is king- the excess of body fat plus lack of lean muscle is the thing causing you pain when you look in the mirror. It is what leads to all sorts of diseases, and it is what slows us down mentally and energetically.

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