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Wasting Time Pursuing Empty Accomplishment

Have you ever thought about this? That the most important things in life never have an “end date”?

You know, like work. There's an end date, you have a retirement date. At least you hope to ;-)

There’s no end date to the things that matter most in life.

Middle school high school, club, or college sports. They have an end date. Most of us done at 22 years old. For a select few, you're done when you're professional career is done, which might be 35, 40, or 45 if your name is Tom.

School! School is done at 18 years old for some people, and 22 years old for others.

I am not saying work, school, and sports are not important. They are. But they are not most important. Which means this:

We need to constantly be monitoring how much mental, emotional, and physical energy and time we are giving to things that have an end date to them.

Because if you do not, you will end up giving too much time and energy to the endless pursuit of empty accomplishments at the expense of a greater investment in things that have true, lasting value.

The most important things in life do not have an end date.


  • The people in your life. How much time and energy are you currently spending connecting, planning, and creating memories?


  • The process of becoming the best person you can be. How much emotional energy are you exerting when a bad call is made and your kids team loses? How much emotional energy is drained from you when you don’t get the promotion, award, recognition, perfect GPA, scholarship?

When you value process over outcome, temporary losses don’t get to you too much or for too long.


  • Your spiritual growth journey, your relationship with God. Do you continue to let work, sports, practices, and tournaments take priority over church? Growth groups?


  • Your physical health and well-being. Despite knowing better, do you still pile on more roles, responsibilities, meetings, and clients onto your schedule at the expense of being able to workout?

Those four things don't have end dates. You have to continually put the effort into those things for the entire duration of your life. If you ignore them now, they will become urgent and you will be forced to pay attention to them later.

How do you know what's most important? How do you know what you should spend most of your time, energy, money and attention on? It should be on the things that have no end date.

Spend some time thinking about today, what are the things in my life that are going to end eventually, that I'm spending too much time on right now.

You cannot get back time. Assess where you are spending your time and make a decision to re-allocate as you see necessary.

Serving you,


P.S. At PFP, we help remind and encourage our clients to focus on WIN: What’s Important Now. Those four things. When you surround yourself with coaches and “Teammates” (aka workout buddies) who continually aim to put the most important things first, what happens to you?

We are one phone call or email away. If you are ready to start training, or recognize your athlete could benefit from our coaching and atmosphere, let us know today. Waiting to take action on things that are important but not urgent is never wise.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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