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Tripling PFP During a Pandemic?

Good morning my friend,

By now you have probably heard, we are tripling our space during a pandemic.

​Despite being advise against it, we decided that it is God's will for us to invest in you, the Frederick community.

"Why? What on earth would you TRIPLE DOWN during a pandemic?"

​Because now is when kids and adults need it the MOST.

​​Why triple our space? It is a ​must. Kids need it. Depression, drug use, anxiety, and internet and phone addiction are at ALL TIME HIGHS and climbing at scary rates.

Why are we tripling down? Because more kids than ever need a safe, encouraging, healthy, positive atmosphere ​now more than ever before.

Why expand now? Because fitness, movement, and health have never been more vital and crucial to ones mental and emotional health!

Are you feeling mentally, emotionally, or physically drained? Reply to this, we will lift you back up.

We are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are more than enough people in Frederick ​and beyond ​who believe what we believe.

You believe in the life transforming power of a Love-Powered Coach -- a caring, impact-driven leader who is always there for you and for your children.

You believe in the power of community, the power of a family, of a group of people coming together every day to spread hope, love, joy, and positive energy in a negative world.

In just 6 weeks, we are moving into a beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting place. It will be a better version of PFP. The experience, the feeling you get when you walk in, the challenging and motivating workout, and the will all be ​next level.

Are you pumped? We are, and we cannot wait to see you there :-)

Dedicated to your joy and success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. Are you ready ​now ​to take your energy, confidence, and joy to another level? Reply to this email, we will get you started on your journey.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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