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Treat People Like They're SUFFERING

Think about this...

When someone that we are close to is hurting, going through a difficult time, or just lost a loved one, we become the person that we were created to be.

It’s crazy interesting to me.

We become the very best version of ourselves when someone close to us is hurting.

I have tried very hard recently to use my pain from my dad’s passing for others gain. I really don’t feel like it but I am doing it anyway. I am trying to be obedient. So here we go!

When someone close to us is going through a very difficult time, we become a more compassionate, loving, gentle, patient, and kind person to that person.

The weeks following my dad’s funeral, people gave me more grace when I did something wrong or failed to meet their expectations.

People spoke kinder and softer to me. They were more patient with me, they overlooked my annoyances and mistakes.

Of course they were! Even the Grinch would be kind to a person who just lost a loved one (maybe).

But really think about it…

We reach out to that person to send them our best, let them know we are thinking about them and praying for them, and simply just to see how they're doing.

We go and visit them, even though it may be inconvenient.

We do random acts of kindness for them. We send them handwritten cards.

Ultimately, we go out of our way during that time to ensure that that person feels loved and comforted.

And I think there's something that we can all learn by observing the kind of person we become when somebody near to us is suffering or struggling.

Every single day when you wake up, imagine that everyone you know is struggling. Think, “How would I treat this person if they just lost their parent, spouse, or sibling? If they just received a troubling diagnosis?”

Then, treat them that way.

We coach and teach our athletes at PFP to think this way. It’s fundamental to being a great teammate to your teammates, a great sibling to your siblings, a great son or daughter to your parents, and a great friend to your friends.

You never know what people are going through. That is true.

But you should not have to drastically change the way you act towards others when you find out they are struggling.

Instead you should:

Be kind

Be patient


Give grace

Reach out just because

Overlook minor annoyances

All the time.

I believe that if we all do that, this world will be a better placed filled with more love, empathy, and compassion.

Dedicated to making the world a better place,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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