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This Young Lady Was Crushed...

Sarah is a young lady I work with. She just got home from her freshman year of college, she was crushed…

Here is what happened:

1st: A knee injury in the fall that set her back about 8 weeks. NOT GOOD when you are on a scholarship and the coach EXPECTS you to produce results on the field.

2nd: She was the victim of a form of some not-so-nice senior “bullying” that took place.

3rd: she was called into the coaches office, where he proceeded to tell her the following:

“You are not as hard of a worker as I thought you were.”

“Maybe you are not cut out for college lacrosse.”

I understand that coach THOUGHT this way the way to motivate her, but it is not. Not even close.

Those words penetrated her mind AND her heart and these were the results of all 3 things:

1. Sarah was in TEARS in my office three days after returning home for summer vacation.

2. By the time freshman year was over she had built the FALSE BELIEF in her mind and heart that her scholarship was a result of pure LUCK, that she was NOT meant to be there (not a shocker, the coach planted that seed of doubt)

3. The injury was healed physically but stuck with her mentally. She was running and cutting at 80% speed.

4. The emotional pain that came from the notion that she wasn’t accepted or liked by the “leaders” (insecure seniors) was the breaking point that ALMOST caused her to quit the game she had loved playing from the past 13 years.

Long story short, after 1 HOUR in the office of us talking through this together, teaching her the Becoming Unshakeable framework, and having her do the introspective writing exercises that accompanied it, this is what she said:

“I’m ready. Can we go train? I want to get prepared for the fall season.”

Does your kid have the ARMOR they need to battle against the following things:


  1. Injuries or major illnesses  
  2. Negative, unhelpful, hurtful words that come from coaches, peers, or influencers  
  3. Coaches decisions that do not align with their expectations or desires  
  4. Unforeseen setbacks  
  5. Friend or teammates negativity and drama  
  6. Family or friend crises

Do they continue moving forward in confidence?

In truth, so much of becoming more Unshakeable lies in the planning and preparation phase. Taking deliberate time, focus, and attention to think about what happened, how did you respond, and how would the person you WANT to become respond in future situations.

I found that most kids never go through this type of training. Which is why I created the two-part “Becoming UNSHAKEABLE Masterclass”.

It is actually called unshakeable(ish) because we are all human and all get knocked back from time to time. However, your kid no longer will be knocked OUT after this training.

These are the skills of the FUTURE GENERATION OF LEADERS. These are the skills your kid will need if they are to be mentally strong and emotionally resilient against circumstances outside of their control.

And guess what? The Becoming Unshakeable Masterclass is just one of NINE trainings I have included in the New Confident, Courageous Athlete Course that was just released yesterday.

Make sure to click this link to see exactly how this is going to help your athlete become the leader you know is within them→ New Confident, Courageous Athlete Course

I have decided to close enrollment for this course next Saturday, June 15 at midnight.

I will really be pouring into the athletes and parents who invest in the course and obviously I will only be able to provide great support and coaching to a limited amount of people. I believe you are one of them and that the time IS right for your son or daughter.

Even if you are unsure if ALL the trainings are right for them, they are each individually worth the price of the entire course alone.

I’ll be sending you a few more emails between now and then (and then I’ll stop for a while to give you a break from me) but make sure to take action before June 15 at midnight. I am genuinely excited to have the opportunity to do some high-performance mentoring with you and your son or daughter.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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