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The Top 3 Reasons YOU Need a Coach

Have you ever thought of the top reasons you have a coach or need a coach to reach your goals?

There are 3 reasons why having a coach will put you on an accelerated path to achieving your personal health and wellness goals.

Reason #1

Everyone needs accountability... there are things that all of us are great at and we do not need accountability for. However I notice that when I workout I can easily shorten my workouts  because my mind gets flooded with work action items.

I have noticed when I get other people involved with my workouts, it helps to motivate me to stick to my workout and push myself a little harder.

This is why it is important to have an accountability partner, or a coach that is willing to truly coach you and not always tell you what you want to hear but need to hear.

Reason #2

Correct form! When exercising a coach is there to be sure you are performing the exercises correctly and safely.

It is a coaches job to give you the results you want while still being able to enjoy your time with family or watch your kids games over the weekend.

A coach can do all the thinking for you.

Reason #3

Feel INSPIRED! A great coach will be able to connect with you and make you feel accomplished every single day.

It is easy in life and in the gym to not celebrate little wins. For example if you are able to increase a lift by 5lbs, lose 1-inch, drop 1-5 pounds, or skip the drive through and pack lunch, these are all great WINS that should be recognized.

Always remember to celebrate your big and little WINS. When you recognize your hard work and accomplishments it will motivate you to new levels. This all starts with your initial goal and breaking it down backwards to achieve it.

Use these three tips when you are searching for a great coach!

Serving You,

Joe Pfister


When searching for a great coach I want you to keep something in mind, how does he/she talk about the people he/she works with?

Is it...


  • Coach 1

"I’m training my client today."


  • or Coach 2

"Today we are doing Metcons, then hitting the weights for some hypertrophy sets, then finish out with a crazy big finish."


  • or Coach 3

"Today I get to empower Bill, and kick his day off with a great workout that sets him off to have a great day."

Find that coach that cares about YOU....Cares about your mental state and not just the X's and O's.  Find Coach 3 who will want to create that lasting relationship with you and who really cares to get to know YOU!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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