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The Solution to Tired and Achy

If you’re tired, achy and not feeling super good about yourself…

The magic pill is exercise

  • Exercise gives you energy
  • Exercise gets your blood moving so you’ll have less pain
  • Exercise will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat

You know this already.

You just needed someone to remind you!

But we know the secret is ​not ​a new pair of running shoes, a new gym membership, or buying a new FitBit.

The secret was, is, and will always be accountability, community, and results.

Those are the 2 pillars of the PFP Warrior program and why people like James (pictured below) have gotten extraordinary results with personal training!

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The PFP Team

P.S. When you do your free session we are also going to throw in a free InBody scan so that you can find out exactly where you are. Weight alone is irrelevant (we told you so last week). You need to know muscle mass, body fat, and then get some simple tips for nutrition and exercise to improve it.

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P.S.S We have 3 spots open for our Small Group Personal Training as well. This is a bit more customized for those who want a higher level of attention and personalization. Lifting safely and getting specific guidance and accountability is important.

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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