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The Only Way to Breakthrough Pain in Sport

There are these two athletes I am working right now- a strong high school swimmer and a college cross country runner.

I just realized how similar the two sports are. Then I got to thinking, "There are a lot of sports that HURT. You get to a certain point and the pain to endure become intense. Most people are capable of more than their mind is allowing them to achieve."

There is only ONE proven way I have seen work time and time again if you want to overcome the pain and finish strong in those situations.

When I tell you what it is, it's likely that you've heard about it. You or your athlete may have even tried it.

But trying it and going ALL IN on it are different decisions.

Here is the key questions that this swimmer and I worked through yesterday:

During a race when the body begins to tell your brain, "OUCH! This HURTS! Make it STOP"...

How will you use your MIND to do to override your brain?

The answer that is going to be a game changer for her in future races is this:

Overpowering, Emotional Self Talk

As she starts to feel the pain, she is going to overpower and override the negative thoughts with and with EMOTION, say to herself, "FINISH STRONG, FINISH STRONG, FINISH STROOONNNGGG!!!" (with a grin on her face 😀).

This is what it takes to become Unstoppable. Don't just try it, go ALL IN and fully apply it.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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