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The Garden of Self Doubt

One day I went and picked up flowers and plants to help my mom “spice up” the front yard… thinking it was simple.

I got home, knowing nothing about the garden…. So I dug holes, placed the plants in the holes, and covered them up.

At first, things looked amazing, but after a few days of watering them (probably not enough) the plants began to wither away and die.

A little embarrassed, I went back to the nursery thinking I got the wrong plants…as I confronted the same employee that helped me pick out the plants, I realized I did not plant them in the right soil…being in the wrong soil set the plants up for failure.


You will not thrive, be happy, or succeed beyond the quality of the soil that you are planted in.

Last week we spoke on self limiting beliefs…self limiting beliefs are bad seeds causing bad grass to grow in your garden, which chokes the other plants and stops them from flourishing (think about your goals).

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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