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The Cost Of Youth Athletes Building Resumes

Why do I play sports?

Early on I enjoyed sports for what they were, not for the resume building benefit. I played because I wanted to, not because I wanted to please everyone around me.

There is a lot of this going on right now and it’s costing athlete’s performance, mental health, and passion.

Coaches need to speak out against it. People listen to humble, passionate, knowledgeable coaches.

My encouragement is to look at your players today and with conviction, communicate some version of this truth:

“Team. Why did you start playing this game?”

Let them respond.

Then follow up with your own version of this:

“I know some of you are exhausted right now trying to keep up, trying not to fall behind, trying to work your way to being more valuable and special.

You think that by playing sports, playing on multiple club teams, going to the extra showcases, doing the extra hitting lessons, doing the extra conditioning, and doing the extra skill work in the backyard that somehow it’ll make you more valuable.

It won’t. You are already valuable. Not because I say so, not because your parents say so, not because your peers say so, and not even because you say so.

You are valuable because you were created by your Creator with a purpose. You are a human being, and therefore you have inherent value.

Choose to train, to practice, and to compete like a champion solely for the reason that you believe in pursuing excellence in all that you do. Do not do it because you think it’ll elevate your status or value.”

Now, your own conviction communicating with this will depend on:

1) your own faith, and 2) your personal belief that your value does not come from the wins or losses, from others opinions of you, nor does it even come from what YOU think about you.

As a result of this confidence and conviction from a coach, athletes will be lighter, less stressed, less worried, and higher performing.

Dedicated to the confidence and long term success of our youth,

Coach Andrew Simpson

Building Future World Changers

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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