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The BIG 3: Confident, Courageous, Successful


To me, this means a kid does not question themselves as much as they used to. It means that they have a better understanding of who they are and why their contribution to sports, the team, or in life actually matters.

To know your kid is making progress with their confidence I believe you would begin seeing them respond to adversity and circumstances that are outside of their control, BETTER than they used to.

Coach doesn't play them, they experience an injury, girlfriend or boyfriend dumps them, and it does not shake them QUITE as bad as it used to. More confident would mean you see them quickly turning to focus on what they can control opposed to self-loathing and having the "poor me mentality".


As the parent you want to see your kid taking more "wise risks". Getting out of their comfort zone a bit more. Becoming more courageous could mean seeing your child engage in more difficult conversations with a coach or teammate. Obviously the opposite of courage is cowardice, which no parent wants for their kid.

More courage also shows up in them choosing a different path, choosing to be leaders, not followers.


I know, no great thing is accomplished overnight. However, with the proper training and preparation, your kid can achieve "success" faster than they would have otherwise and avoid unnecessary setbacks along the way.

Failure is necessary, I know. And you do not want to "rush" the foundation. However, this is a proven principle: learning from others mistakes and being proactive in WHAT you learn is a sure way to shorten the learning curve of becoming more CONFIDENT, COURAGEOUS, and SUCCESSFUL.

This is why I am SO excited to share with you, and only you right now, a resource that you and your kid will be able to access for life that will help with these 3 things. It is called the 14 Steps to Raising a Confident, Courageous Athlete Mega-Course.

It will be the first ever of it's kind, online access program that will help YOU to better help your son or daughter become more confident, courageous, and successful.

In addition, I've built in an entire "course within the course" called the Athlete Mindset Mastery Course that will help your son or daughter personally develop a more confident, resilient mindset. An unshakeable, self-motivated, courageous, and of course, confident mindset. Those will be the results. And I will share it with you at an insanely affordable price this weekend only, because it pains me to hear how so many struggle with these aspects yet are not doing much to fix it. Can't wait.

Dedicated to your athletes success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. Here are some testimonials from people who only accessed PART of the 14-Step Course. Imagine what will happen when you unlock all of it...

"Prior to this course, I did not realize how I was adding to my daughter's anxiety and stress before games. I had no clue the power I HAD in helping her with her confidence until I learned some of this stuff. You don't know what you don't know, it's true. This is unlike anything else out there." -Kristen C.

"Not sure why I've never thought about this... that our kids biggest struggles are typically not rooted in becoming more physically athletic or more skilled. Their biggest opportunities lie with the mental-game. Understanding their own psychology, learning about modern leadership, and mindset. It's helped my son to see better results not just on the field but in his social circles too. Grateful for this resource." -Dan J.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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