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The 3 People I Wrote this Book for

As you may know my next book is coming out in just about 2 months. 

Some people have asked, “is this a book for high level athletes?”

It includes the high level kids but certainly not limited to. It’s not about the level, it’s about the challenges they are facing and their desire to overcome.

It was written first and foremost for the millions of young men and women out there who play sports and are literally waking up everyday no longer excited, passionate, or motivated to play their sport. You, athlete, are one or two shifts away from reigniting your motivation, freeing yourself from stress, fear, and anxiety, and launching into your full potential.

I wrote it to encourage, empower, and equip the student-athletes with the 7 necessary mindset hacks they need to take back control and start dominating on and off the field.

Secondly, this book was written for the parents. To parents who have suffered unimaginable loss as well as those who have experienced or are currently experiencing the pain of watching their beloved children struggle with their confidence, their value, and their identity. 

My prayer has been that this book will help their children shift from struggling to thriving, thereby easing mom’s and dad’s mind and heart.

Lastly, for coaches. Coaches who are being targeted right now and blamed for the mental health challenges of their athletes. It’s not fair to blame the coach. The problem is so much bigger than a coach. I dive deeper into the actual problems in the book but more importantly, this book will serve as a tool for coaches to use to help their players take back control of their minds and improve their mental health. This book is for the coach who wants to help but doesn’t have all the tools.

In less than two months the book comes out. I cannot wait to share it with your students, players, and children.

Dedicated to your athlete’s success on and off the field,

Andrew J. Simpson

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