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Take Responsibility

Take responsibility

You cannot change what you do not take responsibility for.

The problems that a young man or woman is facing in his or her life, causing them fear, doubt, and mega uncertainty. I cannot help him or her if I do not take responsibility as the coach.

Take responsibility.

The problems in Youth Sports that picked up right where they left off: namely self-absorbed coaches, overly invested sports parents who experience more anxiety about the game than their kids do, comparison, envy...

Take responsibility and you'll be empowered to change things.

Athletes continuously getting injured. Athletes who appear to be lacking passion and drive. Athletes who keep striking out or messing up because of a mental block (rarely is it physical). Who is to blame?

Take responsibility, take ownership, and little by little you'll be empowered to change.

As a parent or coach is not always your fault, but you are always the solution.

Stay strong 💪 You've got the power.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew Simpson

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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