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Syrian Refugees and Corona

I'm not here to downplay our current conditions. If you or your family have lost a loved one from Coronavirus, I can only imagine your heartache.

But for many of us, myself included, the truth is that our biggest loss in all this is extreme convenience, boredom, being stuck AT home (versus being forced OUT of your home), MONEY (I get it, the effects of financial loss can be huge- but likely not fatal- you WILL come back from this)...

5.6 million Syrians are refugees (forced out of their homes against their will), and another

6.2 million people are displaced within Syria.

Nearly 12 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance.

At least half of the people affected by the Syrian refugee crisis are children.

This :36 video shows the damage done to their land...

I just read a few articles about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Saw some pictures of the ruin families have encountered.

And that was ALL I needed to shift from an attitude of "another day" an attitude of gratitude and an enhanced desire to not just exist, but to really LIVE today.


The Greater is the Servant.

If you realize that you ARE in a blessed position right now...hat you are in fact filled with joy because you have more than you realized...I encourage you to serve 5 people today through text messages of inspiration, video calls just to check in, and social media posts that bring hope and inspiration to others.

3 Quick Things You Should Know About

1. Free P.E. with PFP. Coach Brian will be coaching elementary school aged kids with game-play, fun, and fitness on Facebook Live (Player's Fitness and Performance Page) on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's from 1-1:40 pm. Get 40 minutes of your day back and let Brian take care of the kiddos.

2. 10 Bonus Workouts. Our coaches spent the last week filming 10 extra at-home workouts for you. Including:

  • TRX only workouts  
  • Band only workouts  
  • Dumbbell only workotus  
  • Speed, Agility Workouts  
  • And more coming...

Access them directly on your Members Only Portal, no additional cost of course.

3. Parent Kid Workout Saturday at 10 am with Andrew and Tanya :-) This is a family thing. Trust me, you do not want to miss it. Sign up on Mindbody or contact us for details.

Check out Coach Steph's Nutrition Tip For You and Your Family!

Happy WEEKEND!!! I want you to take a little "temperature check" of your health and wellness.   On a scale from 1-10 rate yourself on where you are at in  your:  

  • -Nutrition  
  • -Exercise  
  • -Sleep (7-8 per night regularly)  
  • -Hydration  
  • -Relationships  
  • -Joy (do you feel fulfilled?)

 NOW....What is one thing you could do in each category to raise it one more number? Sometimes, it is as simple as a mindset and perspective shift...   It is always helpful to check in on these areas to make sure you are living the way you really desire. :)   Enjoy the weekend Warriors!    

Check out Coach Chris's Workout of the Day for YOU!

Today's live virtual class times that will include this workout live are 7 and 8 am!


Complete ​12​ reps of each strength exercise followed by the specified number of cardio reps. Work all the way DOWN​ the list, take a 60-90 sec rest, then work all the way back ​UP​ the list.


12​ *Plank Walks → ​80​ High Knees (HK's) OR ​8​ Burpees12​ Deadlifts/Good mornings → ​70​ HKs OR ​7​ Burpees12​ *Blastoff Pushups → ​60​ HKs OR ​6​ Burpees12​ Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats → ​50​ HKs OR ​5​ Burpees 12​ *Superman Towel Rippers → ​40​ HKs OR ​4​ Burpees12​ *Single Leg Crab Bridges → ​30​ HKs OR ​3​ Burpees12​ Side Plank Reachthroughs → ​20​ HKs OR ​2​ Burpees

12​ 180 Squat Hop → ​10​ HKs OR ​1​ Burpee


*Plank Walks -- low plank to high plank

*Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats- put one foot up on a 12 inch box behind you and squat down and up on the front leg that is on the ground

*Blastoff Pushup -- Pushup then push hips back to heels then return back to plank

*Superman Towel Rippers -- Towel or shirt in hands - lay facedown on mat, lift upper body and legs off the ground then pull towel into chest while trying to rip it.

*Single Leg Crab Bridge -- Crab position looking up at ceiling on hands and heels, push hips up into table top position by pushing down through the heel

Serving you,

Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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