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Success, Significance, or Something else?

What you aim at matters. What are you aiming at?

Coaching isn’t just about wins and trophies. It’s a journey through three pivotal phases: Success, Significance, and what I now call Self-Surrendering Service.

My coaching tale began with the burning desire for success at a tender age, fixated on the idea of being seen as successful. I thought chasing the status of a millionaire by 30 was the epitome of success, only to realize that seeking external validation left me hollow.

Transitioning to the pursuit of significance, I aspired to make an impact. But here's the catch: solely aiming for significance can easily veer into a self-centered spotlight-chase. It's still about you, it just sounds better.

I came to understand that true significance isn’t about shouting "Look at how much I helped others," but about quietly transforming lives.

Then came a turning point at 25. The phase of Self-Surrendering Service came to the forefront of my desires. Self-Surrendering Service is about focusing on something bigger than me, beyond personal ambitions. This shift in perspective showed me that life isn’t just about building a legacy for myself, but about living for a God-given purpose, no matter what that requires of me.

Coaching and leading for this higher calling became my rock. It's the compass steering me through challenging times of coaching and leadership, providing a profound sense of purpose and strength.

The crux is serving others with humility and love, eradicating self-centered desires and the constant pursuit of self-promotion (so easy in today's world, right?). It’s about the freedom of self-forgetfulness. It is about leading with a heart of service and a mindset of selflessness. Because in the end, it’s not about personal gain or acclaim, it’s about selflessly enriching the lives of the students you work with.

Aim for self-surrendering service, it's the best target I have found to aim at.

Dedicated to your success in sports and life,

Coach Andrew J Simpson

P.S. The excerpt above is from The Youth Truth book: Coaching and Parenting in Today's CRAZY Youth Sports World. You can grab a copy here on Amazon.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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