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Student Going Through Tough Times

I sent this to over 100 college students this morning. If your child is going through a challenging time right now, please feel free to share this and let it be know that we are here to help.

When we are going through challenging times we have 3 choices:

1. (worst option) Fixate and obsess over what is wrong. Keep asking the question “why me?” Don't ask for help, be silent, just "push through".

2. (2nd best option) Fixate and obsess over what’s right. Commit to enduring and persevering through whatever challenge you are facing. No giving up.

3. (Best option) Fixate and obsess over solutions, seek out help and guidance from people who can help you break through the challenge faster or at the bare minimum, to have a better perspective while going through it. Perspective = clarity and with clarity, you can find better solutions.

And while you are going through your trial, remind yourself consistently that life is always happening FOR you, not to you. And of course, fixate on all the great things in your life by expressing gratitude for others, and writing down the things that are good.

It’s not what happens that defines us, it’s how we respond.

If your student is stuck or struggling through a challenging time right now, sports related or not, fill out the form at and let us know. We are here to help.

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