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Strongest Injured Athlete

This is a message from a parent that prompted me to write this email.

Imagine what it would be like if you could watch games with confidence knowing your athlete has been doing all they can do to avoid injury…

What good is it to be The Strongest and Fastest Athlete On The Sidelines?

What are 99.9% of youth athletes doing wrong?

  • They are too busy playing in the game to work on the game

  • They train in the off-season and pre-season but when in-season hits, they no longer make time for injury prevention, mindset development, and strength maintenance. By the time they get to the second half of their season, their body is wearing down. They are losing power and quickness. They peaked at the wrong time.

  • They don’t stay dialed in the classroom while they are in season, and let’s face it, they don’t have true accountability and support from coaches on this.

What do the .01% do differently?

1) The Prioritize The Important but Not Urgent Things (so that they won't become urgent eventually)

Injury Prevention: Although not every injury can be avoided, the speed at which injuries are overcome largely has to do with how prepared the athletes body was for the injury. When you train consistently, injuries do not linger nor do they progress to more serious issues (ACL, grade 3 sprains, tears, etc.)

By making sure your athlete continues to train in season, at minimum 1 day per week with our maintenance and injury prevention program, you are showing by your actions that you are committed to them staying healthy and keeping them from being injured on the bench.

An injured superstar is an oxymoron. 1 day per week is always better than none and we will work with you however needed to make sure that 1 hour stays consistent.

2) Mindset Performance: Isn’t it a shame that you and I need to constantly feed our minds with uplifting and motivating words, stories, and content in order to keep our minds RIGHT in this crazy world today?

How much more important for the mind of a teenager?

We are wise never to underestimate the power of a consistent, weekly motivational message that enters our kid’s ears and mind!

3) Consistent Effort Despite Obstacles

Consistent Breeds Compounding Results: It is common sense that doing something for 3 or 6 months in a row, and then stopping cold turkey for 3 or 6 months, leads to diminishing results.

The longer you train, with more consistency and frequency, the more of a compounding effect you will experience over time.

We have a few 3 sport athletes who have trained with us consistently, 2 days per week or more, for over 2 years now. The upward growth curve of these athletes compared to ones that take months off from training at a time, well, is not a comparison.

The differences are staggering. Their strength, their speed, their character, their perseverance. It is amazing to watch.

These are the big 3. Again, we understand that it is really, really difficult to get your son or daughter to PFP every week, 2 days per week, all year round.

But we promise it is worth doing W.I.T (whatever it takes) to make it a habit and way of life. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about the sport and life transformations that some of our young athletes have made who team up with their parents and with us to make training a regular part of the schedule. I want your child to experience the same thing.

Thank you for being a part of PFP. From the bottom of my heart, it means a lot. We are committed to helping your athlete reach their fullest potential.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew and the PFP team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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