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A Stop-Doing List is KEY for Breaking Your Anxiety Patterns

I don't have the exact percentage but approximately 1000% of people experience symptoms of anxiety every single day. 

Some have mastered the art of taming it and redirecting it to fuel you...some have mastered the art of avoiding it and running from it...many have mastered accepting it, living with it, and adopting it as part of who they are -- "I have anxiety".

I'm not saying any of the 3 approaches are right or wrong. I am asking, which do you want? Which will lead to the peace-filled, fully-focused life you want to live?

The 1st KEY to Breaking Anxiety Patterns is to create your STOP 🛑 ✋ Doing List.

EXAMPLE: When I experience symptoms of anxiety, it usually comes after...

1. I FOCUS on the negative thing that could happen in my future game, presentation, conversation

2. I FOCUS on what my friend, teammate, coach, parent, enemy, teacher, boss might be thinking about me.

3. I DO THINGS that I know are not aligned with my values, how my parents raised me, and take me further away from the person I know I want to become.

4. I THINK ABOUT worst case scenarios of things that could happen in the future (boyfriend leaving me, someone dying, not getting accepted into the program I want).

This becomes your STOP doing list and you need to get really, really specific and personal with it my friend.

ALL of your anxiety producing patterns result from either might-based thinking, could-based thinking, or immature-actions.

Don’t beat yourself up, instead start writing your STOP doing list immediately and COMMIT to checking back in tomorrow when I share with you the START-doing list that will help you battle your anxiety moment to moment.

My promise is that after you identify the stop-doing things, and begin doing the start-doing things, you will be EQUIPPED and EMPOWERED to master your mindset and take back control.

Dedicated to your success in sports and life,

Coach Andrew

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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