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Sports Parents HATE when they forget this!

As I was trying to soothe my son the other night as he cried and screamed I wondered,

“When am I going to finally figure out the solution to getting him calmed down!?

It’s been like, almost 3 weeks I’ve been at this!?

Ha, ha. You are probably laughing at me right now, as you should.

That thought I had only lasted a moment before I realized I had unrealistic expectations.

I realized that I have been at this parenting thing for 18 days and that although I have read a book about soothing a crying baby, and although I have been really

focused on doing this well, I am just NOT going to be a master baby soother in 18 days.

WE FORGET THIS ALL THE TIME AS PARENTS (I can say that now ;-) )

“My son has been working out for 8 weeks now, his running form is still weird!”

“My daughter has been getting mentored by these mindset coaches for 3 months now, she STILL has self-doubts on the court and gets anxiety before competition.”

We forget, the bigger the desired outcome, the longer the process.

Trust, Faith, Hope

You decided to put your TRUST in us when you brought your child to PFP.

You have or had FAITH that while at PFP your child would improve in the areas that both you and they want to improve in→ self-confidence, breaking through fears, learning to better manage frustrations and handle adversity, build physical strength and develop more quickness and agility, learn how to calm the mind and perform under pressure, be a fully confident and courageous LEADER in a sea of followers, etc.

And you have HOPE that given t-i-m-e, your child will slowly but surely transform.


We have a gymnast who came to PFP for confidence and mindset coaching a little over a year ago. In her first 10 months, she saw minor progress. Her mindset WAS changing, but it had not yet gone to her actions or results. Not consistently. But then “all of the sudden”, she started to TAKE OFF.

She overcame one fear. Then another. Then another. She NAILED a stunt that had been holding her back for years. Then another. Then ANOTHER!

Momentum is built overtime when you continue to push and push and push and push and push. You wake up one day and you are on fire. You are an “overnight success.”


I hope we never gave you the false hope that your child would achieve these things and sustain these things in 12 weeks.

12 weeks gets the massive stone rolling. It’s like a rocket ship.

DID YOU KNOW: to get off the GROUND, a rocket ship uses over 100 tons of propane, while during the rest of the entire duration of the trip, they use about 120 tons.

The first 12 weeks gets your kid off the ground. If you want to see them make incredible “orbits” around the earth, and reach amazing destinations, keep it going.

If you have taken a break, bring your athlete back. Start the journey again. 5 years from now, when your athlete is experiencing more joy and success as a leader on and off the field, you will look back and be glad you burned the fuel.

Thank you for always reading, parent.

Thanks for your commitment to being a better sports parent and recognizing that it is important to always learn and grow, especially in the areas of your life that matter most, like parenting.

I appreciate you and am motivated by you to be a great parent myself.

Serving you and your athlete,

Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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