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Sports at the Dinner Table

Another dinner table conversation dominated by sports.

Mom sits back and tries to stay calm, rolling her eyes as she listens to another conversation about the practice that just happened, the kid on the team who should have played better, how the ref missed that call, how Johnny scored twice...



​Sister Sarah doesn't really care about sports so she just looks down at her phone and scrolls through Instagram.

Dad and Johnny go back and forth for 15 minutes until dinner is over and everyone goes off on their own.

Another dinner conversation dominated by sports, absent of any meaningful conversation, non-inclusive of all parties.

​What to do for better dinner conversations:

​1. Start with questions and go around the horn so everyone can connect and contribute

2. Give grace and have a code word for when someone inevitably goes down the sports rabbit hole--> "Offsides!" "Pass interference!" 

Have fun and make it a sports related penalty term 😉

We all need to decompress from sports, physically and mentally. Our kids need it most!

Serving you,

Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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