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Shifting to Positive Mindset

This is an important for you or your athlete...your brain naturally searches for what's missing and what's wrong.

For 98% of us, our brains default focus is going to be on what's wrong and what's missing. (unless we grew up in an environment where we were OVERWHELMED by positivity- parents and people who ALWAYS looked for the positive, the solutions-- and rarely if ever focused tons of energy on the problems and challenges).

It will take effort today to shift that focus.

And then tomorrow, it is going to take effort again.

And then, the next day.

The question is, do you want to put in that effort for a more fulfilling, successful life? Or, has the other way gotten comfortably uncomfortable?

Ok, you want to shift? Here is what to do:

1. Wake up and Generate Gratitude- write down 3 things minimum that were good, on track, wins, positive, praiseworthy from yesterday.

2. Trade your Expectations for Appreciation.

Ya know all those things you dislike about another person/coach/teacher? That is your brain doing what it naturally does. Today, shift it.

What are the great things about them? How could their flaws actually help you in relationships in the future? How is it growing you and developing you?

This is not Positive Peter type thinking, it's the real way to take back control and shift to an empowering focus.

3. Transform Your Language, Make it Your Power.The words we say shape our destiny.

"This isn't working". VS. "I haven't found a way YET, but I WILL find it."

"I'm exhausted." VS. "I'm craving a Rest to Recharge moment. I'll be ready to go after a brief rest."

"I don't see a way out." VS. "I'm closer than ever to a breakthrough."

"I'm depressed." VS. "I'm feeling a little down. What can I do to bring it back UP!?"

That's all my friend. Just a few words of encouragement. Reminders that you are in control

Serving you,

Andrew J Simpson, Founder of Player's Fitness and Performance

P.S. Want to be in an environment that fosters positive mindset and gratitude?

PFP is the most positive environment on planet earth. I know because I don't HAVE to be there everyday, but I choose to be there everyday. It give me energy, positive focus, and belief. ✅ Book your free discovery call to get started.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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