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Seth McDaniel- November 2020 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Seth McDaniel, our November Athlete of the Month. This is his story... "I am Seth McDaniel and I am in 10th grade at Middletown High School, I play Basketball on the high school JV team. I have been coming to PFP since March 2020 in order to put on some mass to my skinny frame with the ultimate goal being to dunk as soon as possible. Even though i've only been working out here for a few months this place has been an instrumental part of my physical and mental growth, as soon as I started working out at PFP how personal they made their workouts, when I got a moment to observe in the gym I noticed how everyone had a program specifically tailored to them, it really put into perspective how much work the coaches put into our growth. The Coaches really were an extraordinary help for my growth, they truly cared and they made every day I spent in the gym a good one, I found it really hard to stay upset in the gym with such positive people. Thanks to them I have more confidence then I did all the way back in March, every time I play on the basketball court I can feel the change PFP has helped me achieve. The coaches are wonderful motivators that have pushed me and helped me surpass my limitations. I look forward to pushing my limits each and every day in the gym and with the help of the coaches I'm confident i'll be able to surpass them. PFP has also helped me become a better teammate, student and all around person, PFP is not only somewhere you go to physically improve yourself it is also somewhere that helped me mentally and spiritually grow, I truly am lucky I stumbled across this amazing group of people and this place is something I hold very dear. Thank You PFP, for everything."

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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