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September Warrior of the Month: Amanda Brown

We're super excited to announce our Warrior of the Month is Amanda Brown!!

"For a long time I swore I would never go to a gym again after having a somewhat negative experience with my time training for the United States Marine Corps. Fast forward to 7 years ago when I learned how to ice skate, and play the best game on earth, Ice Hockey.

I was always athletic, and had no problems picking up hockey. Summer 2019 I blew out my knee in a game, and ended up doing rehab at R2P. I loved how they geared everything towards me getting back to my sport even as an adult, and thought I would like a place like this after I’m recovered. Fast forward again to November 2021 and I moved on from a fast paced food service job to a desk job. A month passed, and all of the sudden I had gained almost 30 lbs and picked up terrible eating habits. Thanks to a nudge to do something about it from a good friend/teammate (shout out to Alaina Dale) I found myself at my success session with Coach Chris on December 8, 2021.

I started 1 day a week, and quickly went all the way to 6 days a week, and never looked back. Since starting at PFP I went from almost 180lbs down to 147lbs and counting, dropped from 39% body fat to 21.3% body fat, and put on 10lbs of muscle. I have also competed in 2 DEKA events with my last coming in around the 18 minute mark. I went from being ashamed of what I saw in the mirror to finally feeling confident, and happy to show off the “guns”. PFP has also been my safe place for a year that has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. I can’t imagine not having PFP or the rest of my warrior family be a part of my life, and can say that won’t change anytime soon! Huge shout out to Chris, Travis, and Alex for being the best most supportive coaches I could have asked for!" -Amanda Brown

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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