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Self-centered or Love-powered coach?

Love-powered coaches obsess over the question, “how can I help this young man or woman become the healthy, courageous, confident leader they were created to be?”

Self-centered coaches obsess over the question, “how can I get more out of my players?” As if the kids are a tool to be manipulated for the further enhancement of the coach’s desired identity of a “winner”.

Interestingly enough, the former creates players who willingly choose to give you their best.

The latter breeds burnout, injury, and eventual resentment.

Love wins, every time. #TheYouthTruth

Dedicated to transforming the youth sports industry,

Coach Andrew Simpson and the PFP Team

Grab your copy and become the love-powered, transformational youth leader (parent or coach) you were created to be!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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