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Season of Waiting

How do you “wait well?”


Yesterday at church our worship leader shared that she is in a season of waiting and she challenged us all to wait well.


Waiting for a new position at work

Waiting for the fruits of your labor to payoff

Waiting for an opportunity to show coach you are ready

Waiting for college acceptance letters and to get the “right one”

Waiting for the illness or injury to pass

Waiting for your spouse to get on board with something important

Waiting for your financial situation to improve


We all are waiting for something, all the time.


The question is, how can you thrive in the waiting?


  1. Remember all that you already have
  2. Remember the times where the waiting paid off, things worked out, God came through, etc.
  3. Keep doing the next right thing- doing so will keep you engaged in life instead of constant “wishing and waiting mode” may lead to something different but     better than what you initially expected
  4. Discern wants from needs. Most of the things we are waiting for are wants, which isn’t a bad thing, but a posture of “I know I have all that I need, I am content and grateful” is a sure wait to wait well.
  5. Bless others while you wait. People who are seeking to serve rather than to be served always “wait better” than those who stay focused inwardly.


Happy Monday all, go out and be the light today 👊



Dedicated to your success,


Coach Andrew and the PFP Team


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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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