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Scholarship Winners Frederick, MD!

Four years ago we created something called the PFP Athlete of the Year Scholarship Award. There are so many amazing young men and women out there who:

  1. Work diligently in the classroom and in the sports arena
  2. Exhibit the character of a humble, servant-leader: kind, compassionate, courageous, loving, industrious
  3. Are in need of scholarships to avoid the college debt that is all too common nowadays!

Congratulations to Caroline Barberich and Mae Beins for being co-recipients of the 2021 PFP Athlete of the Year Scholarship! They each received $500 to help offset college expenses.

Interested in getting your child involved in training at PFP? We help students overcome self-doubts, believe in themselves fully, become mentally confident and resilient, and build fitness and performance habits that will allow them to thrive athletically and physically. Click here to learn more!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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